Aadhaar API Providers

Aadhaar card is a famous national identity card provided by the India Government. Around 1.3 billion India citizens are registered with Aadhaar Card.  Aadhaard card is the widely available identity verification document. Businesses especially banks and financial organizations use Aadhaar cards in customer onboarding and verification processes. Traditionally manual verification was used to verify the documents. However, the manual verification process was a time-consuming task. But with the aadhaar API businesses can easily verify the aadhaar card quickly. It eliminates the use of manual data entry and paper-based verification.

API has many advantages, making it a superior choice in identity verification. Many Aadhaar API providers are available in the market, but we have shared the list of the best providers with you. So, read the blog and choose the right one.

List of Top 10 Aadhaar API Providers

Before choosing an API service to verify the Adhaar card must check features like compliance, security, simple UI, integration, accuracy, customer support etc. We have checked all these features after that providing you with the list of the best Adhaar card API service providers in India.

1. Surepass

Surepass is a reputed API service provider that offers advanced API and OCR to simplify customer onboarding and identity verification processes. It has a wide range of clients in industries including financial institutions, banks, recruitment, real estate, and many more. Surepass offers over 200 APIs that streamline the verification and customer verification process. The comprehensive API suite Surepass for identity verification, employment verification, background verification, business verification, address verification, etc. 

All products are highly effective in automating the verification and data extraction process with 100% accuracy. Surepass offers Aadhaar verification API that quickly verifies the Aadhaar card details and prevents fraud.

2. IDfy

IDfy provides many APIs for identity verification. This API service provider uses advanced technology like machine learning. The Aadhaar API provider detects fraud and fakeness easily and helps streamline the verification. Businesses can use the Aadhaar card verification API to verify Aadhaar details. IDfy offers a comprehensive range of tools that help in the accurate verification of Aadhaar cards while ensuring accuracy.

3. Perfios

Perfios is another big name in the API service provider industry. It helps streamline the verification process by adding automation with the help of APIs. it offers diverse range of APIs and OCR that cater to bank verification needs. All the API offers are embedded with advanced technology that simplifies the verification process.

4. Onfido

Onfido offers a complete solution for identity verification for onboarding new customers. This API Aadhaar service provider uses advanced technology that enhances the verification process. It offers API with a simple UI, so anyone can use it without knowledge of coding. 

5. Jumio

Jumio is another famous name in the identity verification industry. It offers diverse verification APIs along with the Aadhaar verification API. This Aadhaar API provider uses AI technology to streamline the verification process. Anyone can easily use the API of this platform even without the knowledge of code. It helps detect fraud and also predictive fraud insights. 

6. Signzy

Signy is one of the best Aadhaar verification API providers that offers advanced API for identity verification and customer onboarding. Its APIs offer smooth integration and a simple User interface. You can easily verify an Aadhar card details with high accuracy. It offers a set of tools for identity verification and customer verification. Compliance, security, simple UI, integration, accuracy, customer support

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7. Hyperverge

Hyperge enhance the onboarding and customer verification process quickly and easy. Its tools help detect fraud and minimise the risk of associated losses. Its toolsets include Aadhaar API to verify Aadhaar details accurately. Businesses can use Hyperverge API for identity verification, document verification, Video KYC, etc.

8. IDCentral

IDCentral Aadhaar verification API is a secure solution that businesses use to verify their businesses and organizations. It easily verifies the authenticity of the Aadhaar card in a few minutes. This Aadhaar API provider helps in thorough verification and ensures accuracy.

9. AuthBridge

AuthBridge is one the finest API service providers that offers Adhaar card verification API. Its API easily verify real person Aadhaar card details and detects fake documents easily. It offers a range of tools for customer verification and identity verification. It all apis offers simple UI and smoothly integrates with the system.

10. Deepvue

Deepvue is another big name in the list of Aadhaar API providers. It offers an easy-to-use API for Aadhaar verification. Its APIs help streamline the customer onboarding and KYC process. It is affordable in pricing and enhanced customer experience.


Aadhaar verification API is a revolutionary tool that simplifies the customer onboarding and identity verification process. The main advantage of the Aadhaar verification API, adds automation, increases efficiency, promotes accurate verification, and is easy to use.

We have given you the list of the Top 10 Aadhaar API providers who offer the best features. These providers are Surepass, IDFY, Perfios, Onfido, Jumio, Signzy, Hyperverge, IDCentral, Authbridge, and Deepvue.

Of all these API service providers, Surepass stands out as a leading Aadhaar verification provider. It provides access to the 100% authentic Aadhaar database that assures Aadhaar details verification. The Aadhaar verification API offers a simple user interface, smoothly integrates and adds automation. Apart from the Aadhaar card API, it offers a wide range of APIs like criminal record check API, employment verification API, etc.


1. How can I verify my Aadhaar card with API?

You can use Surepass Aadhaar verification API to verify an Aadhaar details quickly. Just enter the Aadhaar number and get access to authentic aadhaar details through the aadhaar database. Verify detect and prevent identity fraud.

2. How to verify others Aadhaar Card?

You can use the Aadhaar card verification API of Surepass to verify an Aadhar details of the person.

Automate your KYC Process & reduce Fraud!

We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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