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We provide the best available Identity Verification API in the market. Our online identity verification APIs are not only error free but also super-fast. Our APIs can be used to conduct background checks & check that the identity proof is authentic, legitimate and issued by the government.


Our Verification APIs


Plug and Play

Plug and Play

Simple and user-friendly interface. Supports all the languages and provide sample codes to help the developers for easy integration.


Highest Uptime

Provide the highest uptime of 99% due to our robust fall back system that we have built using multiple sources.


Accurate Data

Instant & Accurate

Most accurate data with the no chances of error as the data retrieved goes through rigorous testing before being presented to the user.

Aadhaar eSignature

Easy to integrate REST APIs with 24×7 Tech Support

AI based Advanced OCR for all Govt. issued IDs

Match customer’s selfie with the face on ID card

Instant verification with Real-time APIs


Frequently asked questions about
Identity Verification API

How do I Check the authenticity of an Identity Card?

The process of Identity verification is quite effortless. The Identity authentication API is quite easy to use. You simply have to enter the details in the Identity API and the rest will be done by our Identity card verification API. It will give you the result in no time.

How can Identity verification API help me?

Identity authentication API might help those individuals that have coped with fraudsters. Lots of others have lost money as a result of such fraudsters and thus, Identity API integration may save any association out of unnecessary threats or Frauds.

Why choose Identity verification API?

Identity verification API is a robust system which helps an enterprise to authenticate the Identity card of any individual with highest accuracy in record time.

How does Identity authentication API work?

The input that the user gives in the form of Identity number or a photo is guided through an online system where the data is verified in accordance with the government’s standard and then a validation statement is provided.

How many types of Identity verification API are there?

There are basically five types of API available to verify the Identity of a person. Aadhaar, PAN, DL, Passport & Voter ID are those five identity verification APIs.

How much time does it take to verify an Identity?

Our APIs are the fastest out there which can verify the authenticity of an identity card within a few seconds.

Is Identity Verification API prone to errors?

No, the system has been designed to protect the needs of the user. The entire concept of Identity verification API integration on an online mode is based on the need for a secure system for the user. Hence, the Identity authentication API is stable and robust when it comes to its functionality.

Why is online Identity verification faster than offline modes of verification?

The online Identity verification is done by using an instant verification API where the user just needs to enter the details of the ID card or they can simply upload a photo of an ID, and then using our ID card OCR, we can extract the data and validate it.

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