Section 206 of the Income Tax Act is recently introduced vide the Finance Act, 2021. Section 206 mandates the person to deduct TDS in case of non-filing of an income tax return by the specified person.We provide you a simplest and reliable way to check whether or not your vendor fill ITR or can check vendor’s compliance.



Compliance of TDS-206 is quite tedious nowdays that’s why we came here for you take this burden from you and provide you a simple and reliable way to implement TDS-206. We provide you the ITR filing status of vendor and your vendor compliance about TDS-206.


Benefits of Verifying with our API

Vendor’s Compliance

Stay updated with vendor’s compliance with our reliable and user-friendly APIs.

Prevent Fraud

ITR filing Status

You can track ITR filing status of your vendor’s whether or not your vendor fill ITR


Accurate and Reliable

Our system checks the information from the PAN department. Therefore, the results are always correct and legit.


Frequently asked questions about
TDS 206 Compliance API

What is a TDS 206 Compliance API?

TDS 206 Compliance API is a system which helps an enterprise to check the ITR filing status any individual or vendor with highest accuracy in record time.


How can such a TDS 206 Compliance API software help me?

If there is a case of fraud with any person, he or she knows the damage it causes. This is where the TDS 206 Compliance API can prove beneficial. The thing is that these are times when everything is achievable digitally and so, with the help of NSDL PAN API, it will be quite easy to provide security by finding out the fake PAN holders.


How does TDS 206 Compliance API works?

The user enters the PAN card number, then that number is used to fetch the data from the backend & then the data is sent back to your system which can then use it to verify the details of the user.

How fast and accurate is a TDS 206 Compliance API?

While it is not easy to to identify any fraudster by just looking at his or her card, the PAN card says it all. Just put the PAN number on the PAN card verification API and the result will be displayed and the details of the person or the institution are revealed.


What are the attributes that we can verify using the TDS 206 Compliance API?

You can check the ITR filing status of the PAN Card and can also check if the data provided by the user matches with the database of NSDL.

What are the requirements for TDS 206 Compliance API to work?

TDS 206 Compliance API needs to enter the details present on the PAN Card or by uploading a photograph of the PAN Card which then gets scanned by using our AI based PAN card OCR.

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