What Is CVL KRA?

Traditionally, each bank and financial institution has its own KYC verification process. Which was a cumbersome and repetitive KYC process was required. To standardize and streamline this, SEBI introduced KYC registration agencies KRAs. Through CVL KRA, you can easily check your KYC status, download the KYC form, and complete the KYC Verification process. 

The simple CVL KRA meaning refers to the KYC registration agency where CVL full form is CDSL Venture Limited. Here, CDSL is the central depository service of India. It maintains the data of KYC records of investors. It maintains KYC records of Investors in india. It helps in smooth investor verification and replaces the use of repetitive KYC formalities on different intermediaries. Every investor must complete KYC on CVL KRA if the investor wants to invest in multiple firms.

What is CVL KRA Registration Process?

Here is the simple brief of the KYC process which includes form-filling the storage.

Fill KYC Form

If you are an investor and want to proceed to CVLKRA KYC registration, kindly fill out the KYC registration form.

Submit KYC Documents

The investor or client needs to submit documents like proof of address and proof of identity along with the KYC form. For a non-individual KYC, SEBI has made some set of rules of documents. A non-individual should share those documents along with the KYC form. You can easily download the CVLKRA form from the CVL KRA website and get it from their intermediaries.

KYC Verification

After the submission of the CVLKRA form and document proof, the intermediary verifies and updates the information on the KRA system.

Check the KYC KRA status

After successful completion of the CVL KRA process, an investor can check their KYC status on the official CVLKRA website. They just need a PAN number as input to check the status.

Document Updating and Submission of scanned Document Image

After the KYC verification is done, the scanned image of the document is uploaded to the CVLKRA website (www.cvlindia.com). After uploading the document got stored by the CVL KRA. 

(Note: If you want to verify the investor you can also use the Investor verification API that helps businesses, check the legitimacy of the investor credential.)

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How does CVL KRA transform the Investor KYC Experience?

CVL KRA offers paramount benefits in simplifying the Investor KYC process, let’s glance at it.

Centralised the KYC Process: CVL KRA offers a centralised platform that simplifies the KYC process of investors. Investors don’t have to undergo repetitive KYC processes among different intermediaries.

Secure Data Management: CVL KRA uses the best technology and security measures, which helps them to keep sensitive data extremely safe. It ensures no data breach and prevents unauthorized access.

Follows the regulatory standards: CVL KRA follows all the standard rules and regulations that a standard KYC process must have. It ensures that the KYC process follows all the rules, so the identity verification meets all the legal requirements. 

Trusted Organization: CVL KRA is the trusted KYC registration agency in the financial world for investors. It is the preferred choice among all the individuals for the KYC registration process.

Offers User-Friendly KRA process: CVL KRA offers a simple KYC process based on the Aadhaar card. Investors found the KRA KYC process easy. KRA KYC process is completely digital and does not require the involvement of complex paperwork.

How to check the KYC Status?

Investors can check the KYC status by visiting the CVL KRA website. Click on the inquiry on KYC. You can check the KYC status by two methods check KYC through Aadhaar number or by PAN number, whatever you have used while CVLKRA registration.


1. Is CVL KRA Mandatory?

Yes, CVL KRA KYC registration is mandatory for all investors who want to invest in the financial market.

2. What is the use of CVL  KRA?

CVL is an investor KYC registration agency that securely, stores and maintains the data of investor KYC. So, the KYC data can be used by the financial intermediaries.

3. What is CVLKRA mean?

The CVL KRA means Central Depository Services Limited Ventures Limited which is your customer registration agency.

4. What is the CVL Full Form?

CVL full form is CDSL Venture Limited.

5. What is the CVL KRA Email Verification?

The primary mode of email communication between CVL KRA and clients is email. A verified email encompasses with security measures to establish secure data sharing and communication.

6. Is CVL Real or Fake?

CVL KRA or Centralized KYC registration agency is a legal organization that stores and maintains the investor KYC data.

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We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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