Comprehensive Guide to Background Verification Process in India

Background verification is a mandatory thing to maintain whenever the company is hiring an employee. It helps to keep the company’s reputation which can be tarnished by hiring an employee with a questionable background. In this blog, we will discuss how companies conduct background verification processes in India.

Background screening usually involves processes like Identity verification, educational verification and criminal record checks. This process is required to avoid legal trouble a criminal employee can bring to the organization.

What Is The Background Verification Process?

It is a process that verifies the legitimacy of whether the information the candidate provides is authentic or not. Companies used to run background screening on a potential candidate before hiring. Big and Mid-size companies use API to verify the information from accurate databases. 

Here is a brief overview of the employee background verification process.

Background Verification Check Steps

  • Identity Verification

The initial step involved in the background verification process is Identity verification. A government-approved ID card is used to verify the identity of a candidate. This identity proof is an Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Driving License etc.

This process involves a call or mail to the previous company by HR. In this process, HR calls and confirms the candidate’s employment history and behavior. It is required to verify whether the employment and experience claimed by the employee are real or fake

  • Education Verification

In this process, the company verify the degree and diplomas provided by the employee by checking the university databases.

  • Reference Check

It is used to check the employee’s behavior, character, and performance usually HR contacts colleagues to get details about the candidate.

This is the main important step in background verification in which companies check the criminal records. It helps HR avoid hiring a person with a questionable background and avoid compromising the company’s reputation.

  • Address Verification

The company verify the previous and new addresses of candidates for accurate verification.

These are the common steps that almost every company use to verify the candidate’s background. Usually, small companies’ HR teams verify the candidate’s background manually. On the other hand, large and medium enterprises get help from background verification companies like Surepass.

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Industries Where Background Checks Is Mandatory

  • Information Technology and Software Development Companies: Employee background verification is important in the IT sector to prevent sensitive data leaks from a criminal candidate.
  • Healthcare Sectors: It is crucial to run background screening of healthcare professionals to ensure the safety of patients. Because a fake doctor is a life threat to patients and tarnishes the hospital’s trust and reputation.
  • Education: Maintains a safe learning environment for students by hiring a non-criminal and qualified teacher. As you know how many cases are registered daily against teachers for sexual and mental abuse. A background check helps in avoiding these things.
  • Telecommunication: It is important to incorporate a background verification process in the telecom industry to prevent sensitive data of customers.
  • Banks and Finance: It helps reduce the risk of financial fraud and illegal transfers that can occur on hiring an employee involved in illicit activities.
  • Real Estate And Construction: Builds trust with clients by verifying the backgrounds of contractors and employees, ensuring the quality and safety of construction projects.

The background verification process is a crucial part of all types of businesses of all sizes of business. It is important to maintain regulatory compliance in the work.

Ensure 100% Accurate Verification With Surepass

Enabling accurate and authentic sources in the employee BVG process is good. Surepass is a background verification service provider that offers you a comprehensive range of tools for background checks.

These employee background verification tools are

  • Aadhaar Verification API
  • PAN Verification API
  • Criminal Records Check API
  • Address Verification API
  • Employment Verification API
  • Education Verification API

Apart from these APIs, Surepass offers many other APIs that streamline verification workflow. You can buy customized verification APIs from them according to your needs. Surepass APIs are used for background verification in MNC. It offers direct access to government and private databases that help with accurate verification. APIs increase efficiency streamline the employee background verification process and save HR time that goes into manual verification.

Benefits Of Background Verification For Employers

The background verification process adds many benefits to an organization such as

  1. Reducing Risk: Background verification helps employers detect the potential risks associated with hiring employees, like fraudulent behavior and criminal activity.
  2. Protecting company reputation: Background verification in MNCs reduces the risk of threat to company reputation. Because a criminal employee may bring negative incidents.
  3. Ensure compliance: Conducting background checks help comply with legal regulations governing employee hiring.

Maintain safety: Verifying employee background helps in maintaining a safe working environment by identifying the individual with a history of violence, abuse, etc.


1. What Is The Background Verification Process?

In simple words, background verification is a process to verify whether the authenticity of the information provided to the employee is real or fake.

2. How Does HR do Background Checks?

Usually, HR checks education records, employment history, and identity verification for background checks.

3. How Do Companies Do Background Checks?

Background checks depend on the size and verification of companies. For example, small enterprises have a background verification team that conducts this process manually. Background verification in MNCs uses third-party services.

4. What Things Are Checked In Background Verification?

Identity proof, criminal records, educational records, and employment history are checked in Background verification.

5. How Do Companies Do Background Verification?

Companies hire third part and services for a background verification process that verifies employee backgrounds.

6 How Background Verification Is Done?

Usually, HR calls the previous company to check the employee behavior and performance. Apart from that, HR checks and verifies Identity proof, educational degrees and certifications and criminal records.

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