Cheque OCR API


Surepass Cheque OCR API is a powerful tool that retrieves information from Cheque images.


Using Cheque OCR is a simple process: upload a Cheque image as input. The OCR will automatically retrieve information from the Cheque, making it readable for the computer.


Banks can use this OCR to reduce manual typing and increase the efficiency of customer onboarding with data accuracy.


Cheque OCR is a crucial tool for extracting data from the cheque image. It analyzes the visual elements of cheques, such as numbers, names, amounts, dates, etc., into machine-readable text.


There are several benefits of using Cheque OCR. It increases the efficiency of verification and onboarding by reducing manual typing and errors. This OCR increases the speed and accuracy of data extraction


This Cheque OCR is suitable for sectors such as banking and financial institutions.


Benefits of Verifying with our API

Plug and Play

Plug and Play

The API is straightforward and integration is effortless, We provide a simple and user-friendly interface.


Prevent Fraud

Cheque OCR (Optical Character Recognition) prevents fraud by accurately verifying the authenticity of Cheque details, including amounts and signatures.


Accurate and Reliable

Our system checks the information from the department. Therefore, the results are always correct and legitimate.


Frequently asked questions about
Cheque OCR verification API

What Is Cheque OCR?

It is a tool that extracts visual information from Cheque images into machine-readable text.

Can Cheque OCR be Integrated With the Existing System?

Yes, Cheque OCR like Surepass Cheque OCR is easy to integrate with the existing system.

Is It Safe To Use Cheque OCR?

Yes, using a Cheque OCR from a reputed service provider like Surepass is safe to use.

Can Cheque OCR Handle Different Cheque Formats And Languages?

Yes, advanced OCR like Surepass Cheque OCR can extract data from different Cheque formats and languages.

What Is The Benefit Of Using Cheque OCR?

It reduces operational costs by reducing manual data typing work and removes errors by extracting accurate data.

Is Cheque OCR Accurate?

Yes, Cheque OCR gives 100% accurate results because it directly extracts information from the image.

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