Surepass Technologies simplifies the user onboarding process for enterprises by providing Real-timeID verification APIs, Digital KYC, Document OCR, and a whole lot of other APIs which can fasten the process of user OnBoarding by many folds saving a lot of time and money for the Enterprises using our APIs. Surepass Technologies has built India’s largest stack of APIs can authenticate and digitally store a customer/visitor’s Aadhar card, driver’s license, voter ID, and PAN for your compliance or security needs.


Opening Jobs

Job Description – Digital Marketing Executive

About the job:
1. Develop and execute digital marketing strategies aligned with business goals.
2. Create compelling content for digital platforms, optimizing for SEO.
3. Oversee and enhance social media presence, driving engagement and growth.
4. Plan and execute targeted digital advertising campaigns, optimizing for ROI.
5. Monitor and analyze digital marketing performance, providing insights for continuous improvement.

Skill(s) required:
• Google ADs, Facebook ADs
• Email Marketing
• LinkedIn Marketing

Job Description – Customer Success Executive

About the job:
1. Cultivate and maintain strong client relationships as the main point of contact.
2. Address customer concerns promptly and proactively, collaborating with internal teams.
3. Develop in-depth knowledge of products/services, providing effective training to customers.
4. Gather customer feedback, share insights with teams, and encourage advocacy.
5. Monitor renewals, identify upsell opportunities, and collaborate with sales for revenue growth.

Skill(s) required:
• Communication
• Empathy
• Adaptability
• Problem-solving
• Collaboration

Job Description – Operations Co-ordinator

About the job:
1. Manage day-to-day operational tasks and facilitate communication between teams.
2. Identify and implement improvements in existing workflows to optimize efficiency.
3. Oversee data collection, analysis, and reporting to support decision-making.
4. Address operational challenges promptly, collaborating with relevant teams for solutions.
5. Ensure adherence to company policies and quality standards, conducting regular audits.

Skill(s) required:
• Communication
• Analytical Abilities
• Organizational Skills
• Problem-solving
• Collaboration

Job Description – Android App Developer

About the job:
1. Create efficient and responsive Android applications.
2. Ensure clean and well-documented code through regular reviews.
3. Translate design concepts into user-friendly interfaces.
4. Connect apps with backend services and external APIs.
5. Conduct thorough testing and optimize app performance.

Skill(s) required:
• Programming Languages
• UI Design
• API Integration
•Version Control
•Problem Solving


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