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We provide secure and smooth real time Video-KYC authentication system.

Surepass performs 1 million checks every month.

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How Video KYC Works?

Follow these steps to make the onboarding process secure and hassle free.

Step 1

User signs up on your site or app and submits KYC documents

Step 2

Your employee will start a two-way video call with the customer after the document submission.

Step 3

Employee will verify all the details and take a snapshot of the customer’s face and compare it to the photo given by Aadhaar.

Step 4

Employee will ask customer to sign on a blank piece of paper, take a Screenshot of it & compare it with the document.

Step 5

The complete interaction & process over the video will be recorded.

Step 6

The complete video recording, screenshots & files will be stored with the company forever.

Video-KYC Features

From startups to companies, Flowboard offers lots of video-KYC features
to fit your every project you need.

GPS Mapping

Uses GPS Coordinate Mapping
to verify person’s location.

Real Time

Works across platforms like Android, iOS, Windows.

Plug N Play

Easy integration with new or
pre existing services.


Uses custom services as
per product requirement.

Real Time

Works on Real-time basis.
Uses GPS coordinate mapping
to verify person’s identity.

RBI – VCIP Compliant

As per RBI norms our service provides Video based Customer Identification Process as a consent – based alternative method.


Hosted on AWS – Mumbai Region. Compliant with
ISO: 27001

Audit & Compliance

Works on Real-time basis.
Uses GPS coordinate mapping
to verify person’s identity.

Facial Recognition

Compares live user’s face with photo on provided ID.

Quantifies the face match accuracy.

Compares Face with multiple documents on a single screen.

Get a count of % match or a result of complete mismatch.

Compatible with Aadhaar

Bank can collect the Aadhaar Data from the Customer and pass the Aadhaar Photo to our system using a simple Post API to conduct the face match.

OCR (Optical Character Reader)

Supports digitization of the ID.

High accuracy AI driven OCR to read and match ID card information.

All valid formats supported:




Driving Licence

Voter ID

Bank Verification

Aadhaar Offline XML Verification

Works with both eAadhaar & Aadhaar XML.

User Consent validated through OTP.

Fraud Proof and Digitally Signed by UIDAI.

Supports all Aadhaar Formats.

Why Choose Us?

We already provide ID verification and Digital KYC services to more than
25 enterprises and handle around 3 million verifications
on a monthly basis.

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Pan Verification API

PAN verification API is imperative to have, From Banks, NBFC’s to other financial institutions. A Permanent Account Number also known as PAN is a must have document for any taxpayer.

Voter ID Verification API

Voter ID verification API is an important process for every institution or the entities that need an API for Voter Card verification. This is the most basic identity that is needed everywhere.

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