International Passport

Verification API

The International Passport Verification API holds significant value for global users, primarily serving international travellers and individuals applying to foreign educational institutions. Additionally, it fulfils the fundamental need for identity verification within a country. Despite the involvement of police verification in the passport application process, instances of individuals being apprehended or evading detection with counterfeit passports are not uncommon. However, the implementation of accurate passport holder identification has alleviated this challenge.


The International Passport Verification API offers high efficiency and reliability, making it well-suited for integration into various institutions. By simply inputting the Passport File number, users can access government-issued passport verification results quickly and accurately.


Our API streamlines the process of authenticating passports; a simple upload of the passport document yields instant results. This service is invaluable to airport authorities, foreign universities, and other organizations that require reliable passport verification.


Compared to manual offline methods, our online API provides a convenient and efficient solution, saving time and effort for users.


Our International Passport Verification service has undergone thorough testing and is trusted by numerous users of our platform.


Benefits of Verifying with our API

Plug and Play

Plug and Play

The international Passport Verification API is straightforward and integration is effortless, We provide a simple and user-friendly interface.

Prevent Fraud

Prevent Fraud

The process will save any institution that has been and can be a victim of fake cardholders. Passport Verification API will easily detect such frauds.


Accurate and Reliable

Our system checks the information from the Passport department. Therefore, the results are always correct and legit.


Frequently asked questions about
International Passport Verification API

What is a International Passport Verification API?

International Passport validation API is a system which helps an enterprise to authenticate the Passport of any individual with highest accuracy in record time.

How does the International Passport verification API work?

The user uploads the image of the passport, then our AI based OCR is utilized to get the information from the scanned image and then the information is sent back to your framework which would then be able to utilize it to check the validity of the client.

What are the requirements to verify Passport?

Passport validation can be done by uploading a clear photograph of the Passport which then gets scanned by using an AI based passport OCR.

How much time does it take to verify a Passport?

SurePass is the best online Passport verification API provider in the market which allows you to do passport validation in a few seconds.

What type of data can be verified using Passport verification API?

An enterprise can verify all the data present on the Passport.

Is the data safe during online Passport verification?

The passport verification API isn’t made to store the information, it will just check it with the public authority’s data set. Subsequently, the client’s information is protected.

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