Fuel Price API


Check the current fuel price of CNG, Diesel and Petrol with Surepass Fuel Price API, which saves you time from searching prices.


Just enter the fuel type in the API and get the market price of fuel according to the City. 100% accurate results with no hassle.


Surepass Fuel Price API is a tool developed to check up-to-date fuel prices. You can check the fuel price of Diesel, Petrol and CNG according to the City with our API. As we know fuel prices change frequently, keeping up to date with the latest prices is good. Our API helps save you time of manual searching and provides you with a quick way to access price details.


How Does Fuel Price API Work?


Input: Enter the Fuel Name and City.

(Note: you check fuel prices today such as petrol diesel price today, e20 petrol price, xp95 petrol price, diesel price today)

Data Processing: The Fuel Price API automatically processes the database and accesses the fuel price.


Output: It will provide the latest price of Fuels.


Uses Of Fuel Price API


Travel Planning: Travelers and tourists can use Surepass Fuel Price API to check the current fuel price or fuel prices today. It will help estimate fuel expenses for the journey. They can plan their budget better.


Ride-sharing and Taxi Services: Ride-sharing companies use our API to adjust the pricing based on the current fuel price. It will help the company to be profitable.


Fleet Management For Business: Companies involved in delivery services and transportation use our API to monitor the petrol, and diesel prices today across different cities. It will help them, to optimize the fueling strategies and minimize operation costs.


Apart from these sectors research and Analysts can use our API to gather information and trends. Consumer advocacy groups can use API to check the petrol and diesel prices today and regular fluctuation so they can advocate for fair pricing practices in the fuel industry.


Benefits of Verifying with our API

Plug and Play

Plug and Play

The API is straightforward and integration is effortless, We provide a simple and user-friendly interface.


Prevent Fraud

Surepass Fuel Price API Saves time by giving you the latest, accurate prices for Diesel, Petrol, and CNG eliminating manual search.


Accurate and Reliable

Our system checks the information from the department. Therefore, the results are always correct and legitimate.


Frequently asked questions about
Fuel Price API

What Is Fuel Price API?

Surepass Fuel Price API is an application programming interface to accurate current fuel prices today.

How Does Fuel Price API Work?

It extracts today fuel prices in India from the database when you enter the fuel type like Petrol, Diesel, and CNG.

What Types Of Fuel Prices Can I Check With The Surepass Fuel Price API?

You can check petrol diesel price today, e20 petrol price, xp95 petrol price, etc.

Can I Access The Fuel Prices For Different Cities?

Yes, you can access the fuel prices for different cities using Surepass Fuel Price API.

How Accurate Is The Fuel Price Provided By The API?

API like Surepass Fuel Price API provides 100% accurate results on current Fuel Prices. Just enter the name of the fuel and know the accurate fuel cost near me.

How Can Businesses Benefit From Using The Fuel Price API?

Businesses involved in delivery, rides, and transport can use our API to for budget planning and managing fuel expenses according to city.

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