How To Detect Fake PAN Card Number?

In the financial industry, the PAN card has significant importance. A PAN Card is provided by the Income tax department of India. It contains unique alphanumeric codes which serve as unique identifiers. It is used in financial transactions and legal proposes. It is important to check PAN card status active if you want to fill out income tax returns, financial transactions, etc. A PAN card active status tells it is legally valid and inactive indicates a fake PAN number on verification. because of the current rise in financial fraud, it becomes important to detect fake PAN card numbers. This detection measure will protect you from potential scams.

What Is Fake PAN Card Number?

In simple words, a fake PAN number is made up of an altered identification number similar to a valid PAN number. Fraudsters generate fake numbers for illegal purposes like avoiding tax, identity theft and money laundering. So, it is important to check the active status of the PAN card.

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Steps to check PAN Card Active Status and Inactive Status

You can check PAN status by two methods that are explained below:


Check PAN Card Active Status Through Income Tax e-Filing Website

  • Visit the official income Tax e-Filing website.
  • On the home page click on verify PAN status.
  • Now enter your PAN Number, Name, DOB and mobile number.
  • You will receive OTP on your PAN-linked mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP and click on the validate button.


Check the PAN Card Status Via Surepass PAN Verification API

You can use Surepass PAN verification API to check the PAN card validity period and status. This API quickly verifies the PAN card details if the PAN is present in the authentic PAN database. If the PAN number is not found in the database, it indicates the pan deactivation or a fake PAN Card number.

  • Using this API is quite an easy task
  • Enter the PAN number and DOB of a person in the API.
  • The API will automatically fetch the database and verify the details.

If the PAN number is not found in the database, it will provide invalid an invalid output.

Reasons behind the Pan Deactivation

There can be several reasons for PAN card deactivation. Some of the common reasons are given below.

  • A PAN card is deactivated because it is not linked to the Aadhaar card.
  • Entering the fake PAN card number generated by fraud not by the department.
  • If a single person has multiple PAN cards, the Income Tax department deactivates them.

If your PAN card is deactivated by not linking your Aadhaar or PAN, you can send a letter to the Income tax department requesting Activation. But if someone is using a Fake PAN number or card. It can be a serious problem.

Common Scenario of PAN Card Number Fraud

Frauds can use Fake PAN numbers to cause financial crimes for their wicked reasons. Fake PAN numbers can be used for these purposes

  • Tax Evasion: Criminals can use fake card PAN numbers to avoid paying taxes.
  • Identity theft: Fake PANs can be used to use another identity for financial fraud.
  • Loan and credit fraud: Criminals may apply for loans or credit cards using fake PANs, leading to financial losses.

What Impact Does a Fake PAN Card Have on Your Credit Score?

Think a criminal is using a Fake PAN card for loan approval and not paying the installment on time. The default will damage your credit score, maybe you will become unable to apply for loans and credit cards. So, it is really important to check your PAN Card’s active status and credit score. If suspicious activity immediately contact the income tax department and provide details and any evidence of activities.


Verifying the authenticity of the PAN Card is important to safeguard against fraudulent transactions. Check the validity and authenticity of your PAN card by visiting the official website for Income Tax as well as using Surepass PAN authentication API. Regularly checking your PAN card status and reporting suspicious activity to the department will provide you with financial security and prevent damage to your credit score. Stay aware and prevent fraud like identity theft, tax evasion, etc.


1. How Can I Know My Fake Pan Card Number?

You can use Surepass PAN verification API to check the validity of your PAN card. Just enter the PAN card number and DOB. It will tell you whether your PAN card is active or invalid. You can also check the validity of your PAN card from the Income tax website.

2. How To Verify The Fake Pan Card?

You have two options either check the PAN card status from the official income tax website or use the PAN verification API. Both of these help you detect Fake PAN card numbers.

Automate your KYC Process & reduce Fraud!

We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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