A Complete Guide To Detect Fake Documents

After digitalization, every sector has incorporated various methods to perform daily activities digitally. Nowadays, money transfer and account creation are so easy. You can do anything from sitting at your home to creating an account or studying.

But everything has two aspects, positive and negative. Frauds are using fake file to steal money and assets for their benefit. Due to this, it’s become really important for businesses to learn how to identify fake documents. In the following blog, we have covered each piece of information related to Fraudulent Documents. So, Stay tuned until the end.

Forged Documents Meaning

Forged Documents refer to documents that are modified, and imitated.

Types Of Fraudulent Documents

  • Tracing

Carbon tracing is used to copy signatures, designs, and writing. 

  • Digital Manipulation

In this method, image editing software is used to duplicate the signature. Then the duplicate signature will be used on forged documents.

  • Freehand simulation

In Freehand simulation, people used to copy a person’s signature to sign a fake document.

How To Identify Fake Documents?

Here is the list of things we should check to verify fraudulent documents.

  • Data Entry Errors

Usually, fake documents have numerous grammatical errors such as spelling mistakes, incorrect punctuation, and misspellings. That’s why it is important to check every spell in the verification process.

  • Logo Changes

The logo has a unique design, which is not easy to copy. Many fraudsters are unable to copy the logo.

Missing Numbers

Many frauds change the number, sign, and space on bank statements and documents. So, it is a must to check and match the documents from the previous statement to prevent fraud.


It is not easy to copy the font present in the government-approved document. Due to fraud, we can detect a fake file by checking font and font size and comparing it with other government documents.


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Why It’s Important To Detect Fake Documents?

Detecting a fake document is crucial to preventing financial loss, identity theft, and illegal activities. Sectors like financial institutions, employment, and education should check the fraudulent documents through background checks to prevent themselves from financial loss and ensure security.

How Do People Create Fake Documents?

People create fake documents using the below-given methods.

  • Template Theft:

Many people illegally obtain authentic document templates and change information to create convincing IDs and documents.

  • Data Forgery:

In data forgery, people alter numbers, names, and dates to mislead others.

  • Digital Manipulation

Frauds use image editing software for duplicating signatures, stamps, etc.

  • Freehand simulation

Duplicating the sign and handwriting of a person for signing the document.

  • Tracing

Frauds use carbon paper or other methods to copy signatures, design, and handwriting.

These attempts exploit document verification processes and can have serious consequences, including financial loss, and identity theft.


1. What Do You Call Faking Documents?

When someone interprets a document’s information as deceiving, it refers to faking documents.

2. What are the examples of fake documents?

Incorrect signatures on contracts, counterfeit documents for academics, altered identity cards, fake affidavits as well as falsified bank statements are a few examples of documents that are fake.

3. What are the signs of fraudulent papers?

It is possible to identify fake files or documents that are fake by examining the grammar, logos, and other elements. It is possible to use API to confirm authenticity of the document through a comparison with other databases maintained by the government.

4. What are the penalties in the case of a fake document?

The penalty is determined by the situation and locality. One can be sentenced to prison time or fines, probation, or other punishments.

5. Are there any Fake software to identify documents?

Yes, you are able to use the API similar to the Surepass API to verify the authenticity of documents. For instance, if you wish to verify an Aadhar Card or PAN Card or Aadhar Card you could utilize the Surepass Verification API or Aadhar Verification API along with many others to verify authentic government-approved IDs, Affidavit, and certificates.

6. How to check the authenticity of a document?

You have two methods to check the authenticity of a document: the first method physically verifies the document by checking grammatical errors, logo, and unique elements. You can use APIs like Surepass verification API to check the legitimacy of a document.


In this blog, we have learned about forged documents’ meaning and their types. We have also learned how digitalization has increased criminal activities and document forgery. To prevent financial losses, and identify thefts, companies should use thorough detection methods to check the legitimacy of the document.

The most effective way to verify the document’s legitimacy is to use API. You can use APIs like Surepass Aadhaar Verification API and PAN Verification API.

Automate your KYC Process & reduce Fraud!

We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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