Criminal Verification

Criminal verification is the process of looking up someone’s criminal past on official databases or confirming a job applicant’s criminal background. A criminal record check is intended to find out if an applicant has ever been convicted of any crimes, and if so, what kind of offenses they were found guilty of and for how long.

The data environment is changing in India thanks to digitalization, and the government is digitizing citizen records. As a result, checks are being done using online databases and APIs, making data readily accessible. We are using some of our next-generation services, and each month we will be introducing more digital checks.

The verifier’s signature, GPS coordinates, and the address are recorded during the visit and sent to the employer. This is exclusive to a few locales. Since police records are decentralized at the local police station level in the majority of states, this is frequently done in combination with a criminal check.

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Criminal Background Check India

While there are many reasons why employers do criminal background checks worldwide, enhancing employee security and workplace safety is the primary one. Companies are better able to recruit based on risk tolerance, job-specific requirements, industry norms, and other factors when they are aware of an applicant’s aggressive, threatening, or high-risk criminal past.

Our Criminal History Checks provide some of the most thorough, robust worldwide criminal record coverage available by offering a customizable combination of accessible and authorized searches in the nations where candidates have resided and worked. Employers globally rely on our vast global network, encompassing over 200+ nations and territories, to provide them with the most comprehensive, accurate, and reliable criminal record data. 

Online Criminal Record Check India

The following are some reasons why criminal background checks are crucial to the employment process for employers:

  • Knowledgeable hiring choices
  • Prevent discrimination and legal risks.
  • Safeguard critical data and information.
  • Establish a wholesome workplace
  • Assess if a candidate’s background will have an impact on their ability to perform the job.


Particularly in the HR sector of the workforce, the Digital India programmed has sped up the introduction of tech-enabled platforms across businesses.

A criminal record check used to be an expensive, time-consuming, and laborious process. However, the entire hiring process has changed thanks to cutting-edge, AI-backed technology that makes it possible to perform online criminal record checks. Businesses are now using automated inspections to increase efficiency and speed up verification outcomes. New hire background check technologies have been improved, and powerful search-capable central criminal record repositories have been constructed.

These days, it’s common to come across news stories discussing various government efforts to create a centralized database of criminal histories. The Haryana Police introduced software in 2020 to digitize 6.5 lakh people’s criminal histories. According to a TOI story, Maharashtra will soon unveil its first biometric crime database. To support databases even further, other technologies are being employed, such as iris scanning systems and digital fingerprints.

Public courts (district, state, and supreme courts), tribunals, the National Crime Research Bureau, the CBI, SEBI, RBI, Police Research and Development, and corporate registrars all keep databases of criminal records in India. However, it may be quite difficult and perplexing to obtain these criminal records and litigation databases in order to confirm the criminal histories of certain employees.

In 2023, reputable background verification firms with a strong technological foundation, like Surepass Technologies, will be crucial because of this.

The following difficulties HR departments have while doing online criminal verification:

  • Increased expenses
  • lengthy procedure that causes a delay in recruiting
  • Absence of a single website or direct connection to access criminal databases

The days of depending only on police record verifications are long gone. In order to reduce possible dangers, a combination of police verification and court record checks is now an essential part of the employment process. Police verification and criminal records work together to give comprehensive vigilance.

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Criminal Record Check Online

The method criminal checks were previously carried out has altered as a result of technological breakthroughs like artificial intelligence (AI) and different tech-driven APIs. It is considerably simpler to validate your applicants in almost real-time with such digitalization in place. It’s a more efficient method of doing a thorough court records search that requires no paper labor at all. Contrary to previous perceptions, criminal court records checks are not as onerous now.

  • Platforms powered by artificial intelligence, such as APIs
  • Verification of PAN India court records
  • Thorough and in-depth combined court records check and police verification – Not having to Deal with paperwork
  • Screening that is automated and uses negative datasets
  • Solutions that save time since real-time reports are available
  • Cost Effective 
  • Dependable data confidentiality lack of space for human mistake
  • Enhanced efficacy and precision
  • extensive databases include criminal and adverse record checks

How To Check Criminal Records Online?

Step 1: Sign up in

Step 2: Make a Verification Request.-Log in and send in a request to have the person or people of interest verified.

Step 3: Proceed- Download Verification Report 

Civil Records Check with Surepass

Your trustworthy source for the most recent details and the status of any case that is underway or has been resolved in a court throughout the nation is the Surepass Court Check API. Through the use of our API, which accesses reliable and authorized court databases, you may easily and quickly find out the status of any case in any Indian city. This is especially helpful for companies that are checking prospective hires’ criminal histories in-depth.

It is imperative to do a criminal and civil background check in India before employment. This procedure is made simpler by our API, which offers instant access to the required data.

 Online court papers are not formally recognized as court records, despite the fact that they speed up the process of verifying criminal records in India. They could be incomplete or include inaccuracies, and they are solely offered for educational reasons.

 You may obtain the necessary data at reasonable prices by integrating our Court Record Check API, and you will also receive infrastructure assistance. Our API can help with diagnosing technical difficulties in addition to allowing a seamless experience.

Criminal Records Check with Surepass

 With Surepass Court Check API, you can guarantee a comprehensive and dependable employment screening procedure that includes criminal record checks in India, civil record checks, and more.

  • Stop Fraud

Any institution that has been or might be the victim of identity fraud is saved by the court record check API.

  • Avoid human mistake

Errors from manual data entering are decreased via automated form completion.

  • A secure and expert setting

Surepass court check API is a prophylactic to reduce accidents and eliminates the possibility of bodily or psychological injury.

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We have helped 1000+ companies in reducing their user onboarding TAT by 95%

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