FSSAI License Number Check Online

Food is essential for living without food we humans can’t live. But do you know that all food items available in the market are safe? They can be poisonous and contaminated which is not good for health. But we can check the quality of the food through FSSAI License Number Check Online. It will help check whether the package’s food is certified or not.

In India, FSSAI checks and provides FSSAI license numbers to the food business operator. The license number on the package and the business premises indicates that the food business can be eaten.

About FSSAI License Number

If Food Business Operators in India apply for an FSSAI license, they are issued the number 14 on their license at the time of registration. It must display the License number on the business premises. These 14 numbers are divided into 5 sections.

Section 1: The first digit indicates whether or not the food business is registered.

Section 2: The third and second digits from the Fssai License Number are the code for the state.

Section 3: The 5th and 4th numbers of the license number represent the year in which the company was awarded certification.

Section 4: This section includes 3 digits 6th, 7th and 8th, these 3 digits indicate the quantity of the enrolling master.

Section 5: This is the last section which contains the rest 6 digits. These 6 digits are the unique numbers given to the Food business operator.

FSSAI License Number Check Online Steps

You have two ways to check the FSSAI Number check, which are given below. Follow the steps and check whether the license is valid or not.

Method 1: FSSAI license number check Via FosCos Website

  • Visit the official FosCos website.
  • On the homepage click on the FBO search tab.
  • Enter the captcha in the form and press the Submit button.
  • The FSSAI license check online details will appear for verification.

You will receive details like company name, license number, premises address, validity (active/inactive), product list etc.

These are the simple steps that anyone can follow to verify and get FSSAI Number details. Apart from the FASSAI Lic no check you can also track FBO. If a consumer wants to complain about the food or food business operator, they can contact the FSSAI customer care number.

Method 2: FSSAI license check online Via Surepass FSSAI Verification API

Surepass, a reputed identity and verification API provider offers FSSAI verification API. You can easily check the FSSAI certificate’s validity with this API’s help.

  • Enter the 14-digit registration number in the API and process the FSSAI license number check online.
  • The API will fetch the FSSAI number details from the database.
  • Get details like License number, address, state, company name, and premise Pincode.

These are the simple steps you can use Fssai license check easily through the FSSAI Verification API with the registration number. Apart from the food lic no check Surepass provide many other APIs for customer onboarding and identity verification.

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Must Know FSSAI Licence Number Guidelines

  • The food business operators should display the FSSAI logo along with the number on all packaged food products. The packaging should be in contrasting colours so the logo is visible clearly.
  • It is a must for FBOs to present FSSAI license numbers before importing products to India. Kindly meet the 2011 packaging and labelling guidelines and regulations.
  • Always make sure to renew the FSSAI license at least 180 days before expiry.
  • Include the FSSAI license number on the purchase bill, receipts etc.


FSSAI license number is important for maintaining food safety and protecting consumer health. You have the option of an FSSAI License Number check Online to ensure food safety before consumption. You have two methods of FSSAI check, either verify the legitimacy of the license through the official FosCos website or the Surepass FASSAI API. Consumers can also check the authenticity of packaged food with an FSSAI number check. If someone wants to check the authenticity they can go for FBO search. FBO search will help verify the food premises. 


1. How do I download an existing FSSAI Certificate?

Follow these simple steps to download the FSSAI certificate.

  • Visit the official FosCos website.
  • On the homepage, navigate to the login business option.
  • A dashboard will appear on your PC or device.
  • Now click on the Issued option
  • After clicking on the issues
  • FSSAI certificate will appear on the screen, showing the details, 
  • Click on your FSSAI certificate registration number present under the Reference no/Registration no column in the certificate details.
  • FSSAI certificate will open
  • Now click on the Fssai certificate download
  • Click on the save.

These are simple steps anyone can follow for FSSAI certificate download. For checking status go for FSSAI License number check online. You also have the FSSAI registration check option on the FosCos website.

2. What is the License Number on the label of FSSAI?

It is the 14-digit number given to the food business operators (FBOs) and helps check the validity of the FSSAI number.

3. What is the FSSAI License Number?

It is a 14-digit FSSAI code given by the FSSAI to the food business operator. It is used to FSSAI code check the validity of the FBOs.

4. How to check Fssai license number real or fake?

You can find whether the FSSAI lic no is real or fake by FSSAI code check through the official FosCos website or using the Surepass FSSAI verification API.

5. How to Check FSSAI License Number?

You can check the FSSAI License number online by Checking the status through the FosCos website or using Surepass FSSAI verification API. Enter the registration number to proceed to the FSSAI license number check online process. The API will tell you whether the license is valid.

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We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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