What’s An Aadhaar Verification API?

Aadhaar is one of the most important identification cards present in the Indian subcontinent, and hence, Aadhaar Verification API is a necessity.

It is a 12-digit number that is mandatory for any Indian passport holder or any citizen of India.

Aadhaar API is one of the most common ways of identification and can come in handy on various occasions. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to take the help of the Aadhaar APIs.

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Aadhaar API integration can be quite troublesome if not taken seriously. We at Surepass.io provide a one-of-a-kind service. We have developed a great methodology to locate fraudulent and fake Aadhaar cardholders.

It is our common belief to help those businesses and individuals who have the risk of suffering losses due to fake Aadhaar Card holders.

It is certain that our services won’t provide false reports for erroneous detail but will be efficient and reliable. Our algorithm and structure are strong and built specially to verify the Aadhaar numbers across India.

Just a snapshot of the Aadhaar or uploading the necessary documents related to API for Aadhar verification is efficient and satisfactory enough in order to to find out the relevant details.

Let’s check what makes our Aadhaar Verification API so efficient.

Building Of The Aadhaar Verification API :

The Aadhaar Verification API is created with the help of HTTP standard verbs along with RESTful endpoints.

Aadhaar API

The entire API is built with much discretion and intelligence. The functioning of the whole system happens with great efficiency and along with that keeping good documentation in mind for a smooth plug-n-play experience.

Endpoints :

Access to the API is made by the usage of HTTP requests to a certain version endpoint URL where GET or POST contains the information that the user needs access to.

Each and every endpoint is accessed with the help of SSL-enabled HTTPS.

All is set to version number (methods, parameters, etc.) and every call must contain one. Different versions with different endpoint URLs are available. Version 1 is the new version.

Responses :

Each reaction is wrapped in a tag of data. This means it will always be inside the data field if you have an answer. We often provide in the response of each request a status code, success flag, sort, and address.

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But, here comes the big question:

What’ll happen in the case of a failure?

In the case of failure, the following codes are implemented :

  • 2xx means that the operation was successful
  • 4xx means that there was some error from the user’s side
  • 5xx means that the API servers are not functioning as needed.

Status Codes :

Status Codes Name Meaning
200 OK Request Successful
201 Created Resource created with success
202 Accepted Asynchronous Request. The response will be sent over to the configured Webhook.
204 No Content Successful along with no Response.

Error Codes :

Error Code Name Meaning
400 Bad Request Request malformed
401 Unauthorized Authorization credentials not valid
403 Forbidden Action prohibited
404 Not Found The resource wasn’t found
422 Unprocessable Entity Validation error
429 Too Many Requests The rate limit has been reached reached
500 Internal Server Error An unexpected error occurred in our API

Important Uses Of Aadhaar Verification API :

There is a manual process for Aadhaar verification. It requires a tedious process of document submission along with a waiting period too.

This is not acceptable when there are online ways present in order to justify the validity of an Aadhaar card. This is why Our Aadhaar Verification API is considered quite good in such a case.

Our Aadhaar verification API has cut short the waiting period of the entire process along with bringing efficiency into the whole process. It is way easier to get your Aadhaar verified than it used to be.

Using our services is extremely easy, and will save you from unnecessary wastage of time also, you can do so while sitting in your home.

Automate your KYC Process & reduce Fraud!

We have helped 200+ companies in reducing their user onboarding TAT by 95%

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The overall process is quite easy to understand and follow. There is not much to do and it’s easy to go about it. The thing is that people deem it risky while it isn’t risky at all.

There are just two steps that any user has to put in so as to implement this method and it’s quite easy.

  • The user just has to upload his or her documents that are related to the individual’s Aadhaar and hence, initiate the process. In case of any error, the user can even upload a snapshot of the Aadhaar card he or she is currently in possession of.
  • Thereafter, when the first process is entirely completed, the user will receive a confirmation message. This message will be the result and will confirm if the Aadhaar is real or fake.

What Is The Use Of The Aadhaar Validation API?

There are many places where the Aadhaar Verification API plays quite an important role and has made a major difference in how many businesses and enterprises go about their ways.

Aadhaar API


  1. Aadhaar Verification is present at airports when a person is checking in to catch a flight. But, the thing is that the process is a lot faster if the entire process undergoes digitalization using the Aadhaar Validation API.
  2. When a candidate seeks his or her seat using an Entry pass at a national level entrance exam or any such other examination, he or she is asked to validate his Aadhaar card. The students are already under a lot of pressure and if the whole process undergoes digitalization using our Aadhaar Verification API, it will release a load of stress on students as well as the authorities.
  3. Various buildings like offices of MNCs and even traditional companies require their staff to validate their presence with the help of their Aadhaar card and hence, it is why a lot of resources will be saved if Aadhaar Validation API is used.
  4. Banks and other financial institutions in the first instance verify a person’s Aadhaar.

So, If We Summarize:

The digitalization of Aadhaar Verification, ie, the implementation of surepass.io API will help any user under extreme circumstances.

Thus, it will not be difficult for any such institution, building, educational institute, or government authority to implement the verification of the Aadhaar.

We have made it easy for anyone to implement validation of the Aadhaar API and now, it is as easy as clicking a photo and uploading it.

While many services should switch to Aadhaar Verification API services immediately, it would be better if they do so in a manner that would suit their needs and save them time and energy.