Driving Licence Verification

Digital transformation in India transforms the verification process from days to seconds process. The same is the case for driver’s Licence verification traditionally it was a paper-based project that required physical visits to transport offices. People have to waste many days for DL Check. Here, Online DL Verification comes into play and transforms the driving Licence verification

What Is a Driving Licence?

A driving Licence is a legal document permits that the cardholder to drive various vehicles on public roads. Apart from driving cars, it is also used as identity proof. Road Transport Office is the regulatory body in India that issues Driving Licences to qualified drivers and maintains the database. 

Here are the important features of an Indian Driving License that you should know.

  • Unique Driving Licence Number: An alphanumeric code unique to each Licence holder.
  • Photograph of holders: Photograph of Licence holder for verification.
  • Card Holder Name and Date of Birth: Personal Information and AID to Identification.
  • Blood Group: Important in an emergency.
  • Permanent Address: Serves as proof of Address.
  • Issuing Authority: Indicates the RTO that issued the DL.
  • Date of Issue and Validity: Specifies the issuance and expiry dates.
  • QR Code: Enhanced security and promotes easy verification.

What is The Need For Driving Licence Verification API?

According to data, about one in three driving Licenses in India might be fake. Around 180  million issued driving Licenses, and around 54 million could be fraudulent. Know the potential risks you can avoid with online DL verification.

Accident Risks: The Indian driving licence check online lets you know which one is authentic to drive a vehicle on a road or not. If only people who have passed the driving Licence test will drive on the road the chances of accidents would be reduced.

Prevent Frauds: Accurate driving licence verification lets you detect identity frauds and illicit claims related.

Reduces Legal Liabilities: Reduce the risk of unqualified drivers causing a problem that leads to legal issues.

Verify large volume without manual errors: online verification increase the efficiency of verification and eliminates the risk of manual errors.

You can use Surepass Driving Licence verification to comply with all these risk issues.

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How to Verify Driving Licence?

The quick and accurate way of DL check is using an API. You can use Surepass API to check the driving Licence details online. It provides you with an accurate database that helps in thorough verification. You also called it a driving licence number check because you only need a driving licence number and DOB for verification.

Using this API is a simple process, just enter the DL number of the Driving Licence number. Our API will automatically process the database and provide the Driving Licence details associated with the DL number.

Our dl verification online API streamlines the workflow of the verification process by adding automation and reducing the risk of manual errors.

Apart from the DL online verification, Surepass offers many other APIs for identity verification such as the Aadhaar verification API, PAN Verification API, etc.

Key Features of DL online verification API that business needs to Know

Verify driving Licence in seconds: APIs are quick solutions they retrieve details in seconds which is not possible in manual verification.

100% authentic and accurate and authentic: API like Surepass dl verification API gives access to the authentic Government database and promotes accurate verification.

Enhanced customer trust: By accurate verification, DL company ensures that the driver is qualified. It reduces the risk of accidents and increases customer trust in companies, especially in the riding and tourism industry.

Check out the countries where you can use your Indian Driving Licence

Check the given list of foreign countries to know where you can drive with an Indian Driving Licence.

  • America
  • Germany
  • Malaysia
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • Switzerland
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • Hong Kong
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Finland
  • Bhutan

How to check the Status of a Driving License On Parivahan Website?

Step 1: Visit the parivahan.gov.in website

Step 2: Click on the Online Service Tab

Step 3: Scroll down and click on the Driving Licence Related Services  Tab

Step 4: Now choose the state

Step 5: Now locate the application status

Step 6: Kindly enter the Date of Birth

Step 7: Kindly check the filled details and click on the submit button

Step 8: On the following page, you’ll see the status of your driving licence application.

Importance of Online Driving Licence Verification

A driving Licence is like a degree that confirms that a person can do the assigned task. In the case of the Driving Licence, it conifers the DL holder can drive vehicle on the road. The online Driving Licence methods help to keep fraud away and driving on a road that can lead to accidents.

Here we have shared the sectors that can use Driving Licence verification API.

Transport and Logistic Sector: DL verification API should be integrated into the transport system so they can hire legitimate drivers and reduce the risk of accidents.

Hospitality and Tourism

In the tourism, sector verification maintains security and increases the guest’s trust in the services.

Financial Service and Insurance

Financial institutions and Insurance companies use online Driving Licence verification API for the prevention of illicit claims. These companies provide vehicle loans they can use online licence checks to verify the driving records before approving loans.

Delivery Department in E-commerce

The E-commerce industry is at its peak in India. Now everyone likes to buy everything from online portals. With a Licence check online facility e-commerce company can ensure that the delivery person is legally authorized to drive a vehicle or not.


1. Can you check Driving License Details In India?

You can use the Driving Licence verification API to access the driver’s license details in India.

2. Is it valid to use API for DL verification?

If you doubt online dl verify, please don’t worry. Because using a Driving licence verification API is legal and accurate.

Automate your KYC Process & reduce Fraud!

We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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