Electricity Bill Verification: The Key to Reliable Verification

We are living in a world where identity theft is common. To maintain safety and security, adding a robust ID verification method is mandatory in the verification process. In India, it is impossible to take a single approach to identity verification. Conducting KYC is not easy because the majority of the population does not have proper identity verification documents.

However, rural people still need loans to manage their lives. Due to the lack of identity proof and credit scores, banks and financial institutions use the electricity bill as address proof to check the financial condition of rural people. In this blog, we will discuss electricity bill verification, its benefits, its importance, and the tools.

About Electricity Bill Verification

The electricity bill serves as a utility bill proof of address. It confirms identity, residential address, and payment behavior. The bill verification process uses advanced technologies and application programming interfaces to access accurate and up-to-date data from state electricity boards. Electricity bill check APIs help in accurate verification and detecting fake electric bills, reducing the risk of financial fraud and identity theft.

Process of Verifying Electricity Bills

You can verify the bill by two methods

  • Manual Method: Manual bill verification takes too much time and effort. It is an inefficient method for verifying a large volume of bills and delays the KYC process.
  • Using An API: Surepass API helps you verify the bill data efficiently and accurately through data sources. Here is how it works: 

Surepass API is developed using advanced technology that accesses data in seconds. 

  • Simply enter the CA number in the bill verification API. 
  • It will automatically process the database.
  • Provide information like phone number, address, due date, etc. This is an efficient way to verify large volumes of bills in real time.

It will help in accurate verification with access to state electricity bill databases. Banks and financial institutions can easily detect fake electric bills with the API.

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Key Benefits of Using Electricity Bill Verification

Here is the list of verifications you will get by using Electricity bill by address for verification.

The electricity bill contains the legal name of the person, serving as proof of identity. Businesses use this for identity verification and to prevent identity theft.

  • Address Verification

The electricity bill contains the actual address of the individual. It can be used for address verification and tracking individuals, helping businesses ensure the legitimacy of the person.

  • Payment Behaviour

Electricity Bill Verification provides information like bill amounts, due dates, and payment history. This information helps in determining the behavior and financial responsibility of an individual. Banks and financial institutions can use this data for KYC verification.

Importance Of Electricity Bill Verification

India is the world’s largest populated country with developed urban areas under developed rural areas. Electricity verification helps especially the rural people.

  • Support for Rural People: Many people do not have valid ID proofs. But they need financial help like loans. Here utility bill proof of address is used for identity and address verification.
  • Widespread Availability: The electricity bill is the most common document available in almost every household. It can be used for identity verification and electricity bill as address proof verification.


Electricity bill verification is beneficial for businesses for customer verification. The bill is used to verify identity, address, and payment behavior. Businesses use bill verification to reduce the risk of identity theft. It helps in enhancing trust and following the regulatory requirements. Surepass provides advanced utility bill verification services. Electricity bill is found in almost all households which makes it a convenient document for verification, especially in rural areas. Manual verification of bills is a cumbersome task. Businesses should use efficient tools like Surepass Utility Bill API for efficient and accurate verification.


1. What is the Electricity Bill  Verification API?

The electricity bill verification API is a programming interface that helps verify the authenticity of the information on the bill with the database, ensuring a 100% accurate identity and address verification process

2. Is the Electricity Bill Verification reliable?

The population living in rural areas often lacks proper identity documents. However, most have electricity bills containing essential information like name, phone number, and address. Businesses and government bodies use this bill for verification to provide loans and services

Automate your KYC Process & reduce Fraud!

We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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