UDIN is also referred to as a Unique Document Identification number. It is available on the financial reports and certificates. ICAI UDIN verification is considered an essential process in document verification, especially in checking financial documents approved by CA.

Manual UDIN verification is an inefficient process with errors. In the past verifying UDIN required referencing databases for cross-checking. These databases are of ICAI and ICSI. Many software companies offer an API that can be used in the UDIN verification process to check the authenticity of documents in real-time with no errors. Here, in this guide, we will discuss UDIN in detail. So, stay tuned until the end.

What is a Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN)?

UDIN full form is a Unique Document Identification Number. From its full form, we understand it is related to the document. In simple words, UDIN is a special code created for certificated papers signed by Chartered Accountants. This code helps in checking the legitimacy of the document. The number helps to trace the CA who approved and signed them.

UDIN contains 18 alphanumeric characters, In which

  • The first two digits represent the current year
  • The middle Six digits represent ICAI membership
  • The last ten digits are arranged randomly

The arrangement of these digits helps in preventing document forgery and fraud.

What Is UDIN Verification?

It is a process of checking the legal validity of a document using an 18-digit UDIN number. It ensures that the document you are using has not undergone unauthorized changes and is authentic. More than 5 crore UDIN numbers are generated by the ICASI members which depicts its importance.

UDIN Verification API

As we have discussed earlier, the traditional method to verify UDIN with the ICAI database is an inefficient and error-free process of verification. Due to this, using verification tools and API will help to automate the process with no errors. UDIN Verification APIs are professional tools that help streamline the verification process with database checks and eliminate all chances of errors.

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Benefits of Using UDIN Verification API

Here is the list of benefits of using API to verify UDIN of documents like financial reports, certificates, tax files etc.

Increase Efficiency: you can verify hundreds of documents in minutes with API. It eliminates the use of time in manual verification.

High Accuracy: Humans are more prone to error but computers are not. APIs ensure high accuracy by verifying the number from trusted sources like ICSI and ICAI.

Smoothly Integrate with System: ICAI UDIN verification APIs are made to easily integrate with the systems with no requirements of technological knowledge. Anyone can easily use this API.

Prevent Circulation of Fake Documents: The UDI number confirms the legitimacy of a certificate signed by a professional. Fake documents can easily be detected by verifying the UDI number.

Where to get the UDIN Verification API?

There are many UDIN verification API providers available online. But only a few are worthy of use. You can use Surepass UDIN Verification API to verify the UDIN number of financial documents.

Surepass offers a secure database of ICSI and ICAI to accurately verify UDIN. It offers budget-friendly plans and prices, so MSMEs can also take advantage of it. This API easily integrates with existing systems.

How to generate UDIN?

Here is the list of steps you can follow to generate a UDI Number,

  • Visit official website udin.icai.org
  • Enter Username and password
  • Click to login’
  • Select the Generate UDIN option
  • Click on Send OTP
  • Fill in the necessary details
  • Select the document type from the drop-down list
  • OTP will be sent to a registered mobile number
  • Check OTP and enter the OTP
  • Click on submit to generate UDIN.

These are simple steps anyone can follow to generate a UDI number for documents.


The incorporation of UDIN is a revolutionary step taken by the authorities to create and maintain secure documents in India. UDI number prevents documents forgery and associated frauds related to it. That’s why it is important to register and obtain UDIN on the UDIN website. You can follow our guide to learn how to generate UDIN online. UDIN verification is a strong major to verify the legitimacy of every kind of document from anywhere.


1. What is a Unique Document Identification Number UDIN?

It is a unique number present on the certificates and reports signed by CA and CS. It contains a unique set of 18 digits and prevents the document from being forged.

2. How to check the UDI Number?

You can use UDIN verification API like Surepass to check the UDI number of a document.

3. What is the UDI Number of CA?

It is a unique set of codes that contains 18 digits. It is used by verified CA whenever they certify a document or certificate.


Automate your KYC Process & reduce Fraud!

We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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