Guide to Check Emirates ID Status

Whether you are a permanent citizen or got a visa to live there. An up-to-date Emirates ID card is important to access government and private services. Without a UAE ID, you will be unable to get admission or get a house on rent. Apart from having an ID, it is also important to check the Emirates ID status regularly to renew it before expiry. So, read this blog and learn about Emirates ID verification and eid status checks..

What Is Emirates ID?

Emirates ID is a national Identity card given by the Government of the United  Arab Emirates to its residents. It is an official identity proof of Emirates citizens that helps in access useful government and private services available in the UAE. This Emirates ID Card contains important personal information of the person such as name, photograph, DOB, Address and other details. It is one of the most important documents of residents of the UAE.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) allows citizens of the UAE to verify their status for Emirates Identity renewals and replacements and new applications. This article will help you verify the status of your Emirates ID online.

Steps For Emirates ID Card Status Check

There are two ways of checking Emirates ID card status.

Check Emirates ID status through the ICA website

Visit the official website of ICA and move to the EID status check page.

Enter Pran Number IDN Number

After filling in the necessary details click on the proceed arrow, and the website will give all the information about the Emirates ID status. The displayed information contains information such as ID Number, Application Number, ID Number, current status, etc.

It gives information on whether your Emirates ID is in states like

  • Pending
  • Approved
  • Issued
  • Rejected

Checking the ICA website is the best if you want to learn how to track Emirates ID to prevent your EID from expiring.

Emirates ID status check through Surepass Emirates ID Verification API

Surepass Emirates ID verification API is an excellent tool for checking the Emirates ID card status. Just upload the Emirates ID Image and Emirates ID Number to check the status. After entering the input the API will give all information associated with the ID number. This API can be used to detect identity theft and help prevent fraud.

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How to Apply for Emirates ID Renewal?

It is important to renew your Emirates ID if you want to access all the government and private services with no hassle. After the expiry of the ID, the government has a lot of 30-day period for free renewal of the Emirates ID. After that, a price of AED1000 is charged for late renewal. So, Never miss the 30-day free period. If you want to avoid paying a late submission fee.  Here is the list of requirements to renew your Emirates ID.

AED 300 for ID replacement

Typing Fee for application and eForm fee on the ICA website

Fee for ID replacement service at ICAs

What Do I Do When I Lost My Emirates ID?

If somehow you lost or damaged your Emirates ID, you can follow these steps

File A Report: Visit the Police station and file the report

Inform ICA about the loss within 7 days

Apply online for EmiratesID replacement

After applying for Emirates ID, you need to wait for a new Emirates ID. You will receive a new ID card from your nearest post office.


Here in this blog, we have discussed about the Emirates ID and how to check the Emirates ID status. You have two options, either check the ICA website or use Surepass Emirates verification API. The ICA website will tell you your status whether it is approved, rejected, pending or Issued. You have also learned. how to renew your ID and how to track Emirates ID to prevent expiry.


1. Can I have My Emirates ID Online?

Here is a simple list of steps you can follow to check your Emirates ID online

  • Visit the official website of ICA
  • Go to status check
  • Enter Emirates ID Number or Pran Number
  • Check the application status on the right side of the page

2. How to Check Mobile Number in Emirates ID?

You can follow the given steps to check the Mobile Number

  • Visit the federal authority website
  • Navigate the E-Service on the website
  • Locate Emirates ID services
  • Access your personal information
  • Input your details
  • Retrieve your mobile number

3. What Are The Charges For An Emirates ID Application Check?

No fee is charged to check Emirates ID status on the official website of ICA.

4. How can I Know My Emirates ID Pran Number?

Usually, the Emirates ID pran number is available on the Emirates ID application form. IDN number is the actual Emirates ID card number. You need to check your application form number to get the Pran Number.


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We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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