Background Verification

Employees are essential components of business growth. But think, what if you hire a criminal? According to expert reports, more than 70% of employers found fake backgrounds of employees. 

Previously, only big companies did background checks before hiring any employee. But every organization must hire good talent and keep your company safe. For this, they can use verification APIs and tools for efficient verification of a dozen aspirants. 

But, there are many background verification companies available in the market. They offer advanced verification tools with the latest databases. In many options, finding the right tool is a cumbersome process. 

That’s why we have provided a list of the Top 10 HR background Verification Companies that will help you to hire a genuine employee for your company. So, stay tuned until the end.

List Of Top 10 Background Verification Companies In India

There are many background verification services available in India. However, only a few are reliable solutions for employee screening and data checks. That’s Why, after conducting thorough research and testing the companies. We have made a list of the best BGV vendors in India.


Surepass is a recommended solution for background screening and verification. It is a reputed background check company in India that provides data security and compliance. It offers services like address verification, education verification, police and court record verifications, drug tests, Social media checks, etc. Surepass servers more than 2000 customers and prevents them from being victims of identity theft. Surepass is a top leader in bgv companies in India and a reliable choice to depend on for employee verification,

KPMG India

KPMG is a renowned name in Top 10 HR background verification companies. It has a global database, which helps conduct background verification of new and existing employees. This company offers background screening with accurate results. This company is a trustworthy choice for businesses to ensure hiring the right employee.

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Hello Verify

Hello verify is a famous technical solution provider for background verification irrespective of the industry. This company has a reliable portal for easy background verification. Hello Verify uses machine learning and AI to retrieve accurate results for verification. Due to its advanced technologies, it is known as the best of the top 10 background verification companies in India.


Perfios is a leading API and tool provider in India. It offers great solutions for HR background checks. Its tool quickly does various checks and gives accurate results or details of individuals. This company provides services to many reputed banks, NBFCs, and financial institutions. It has helped big firms to hire trustworthy employees. Due to its excellent services it is a preferred choice in background check companies in India.

AUTH Bridge

AUTH Bridge is trustworthy and the oldest background verification company in India. This company offers various services including vendor screening and individual verification for employees. This company gives an accurate red flag check about the individual. Its verification is reliable for finding a genuine person. Due to its authentic services, it has made a reputed name among the Top 10 HR background verification companies in India.


IDFY comes among the top background check companies in India. It claims to conduct verification of around 100 million people using 500 databases. With its advanced technologies and solutions, this helps in fraud prevention in hiring. IDFY provides background verification services like drug tests, address verifications, criminal record checks, etc.


Quincy is a global screening and background verification company. They provide services to many industries like BFSI, IT, Healthcare, etc. This company runs screening and does checks like address verification, criminal record verification, employment verification, etc. It is a reputed name bgv vendor that serves more than 70 countries including India.



Springfy is a good company and background verification service provider. It provides services like educational verification, reference checks, and employment verification. This company has happy clients including startups, SMEs, and massive corporations.


Appexigo is a renowned screening provider in the healthcare industry. This runs background screening for many employers and helps in finding a candidate with zero criminal record. Its advanced API integration helps in quick screening and verification and makes it a reliable background check company in India.

Vfact Services Pvt. Ltd. 

Vfact Services is a Maharashtra-based company that conducts employment screening. This company runs thorough research on candidates like criminal record checks and educational background checks and reduces the risk of hiring fake candidates. It comes under the top 10 HR background verification companies due its reliability for accurate candidate screening.


We have provided you with the Top 10 HR Background Verification Companies that businesses can use for employee screening. All these bgv companies in India are trustworthy and provide services to large corporations. You can trust them and freely incorporate their services in your system for candidate background checks like criminal record checks, educational checks, address verification, etc.


How Does Companies Do Background Check In India?

Indian companies conduct background screening on candidates to verify their credentials such as background checks, post-employment checks, criminal record checks, etc.

What Is The Best Company To Use For Background Checks?

Surepass is the best company for conducting background checks. It gives instant results and accurate details about the candidates. It is a reliable and up-to-date database that helps to check the criminal record and ensures good talent hiring.

Which Company Has Strict Background Verification In India?

Surepass is a reputed background verification companies in India using its advanced APIs that retrieve accurate results from the database about the potential candidates. This company does screening over criminal records, post-employment, and address checks, and prevents hiring a wrong candidate.

Does MNC Do Background Verification?

Yes, MNC does Background verification of candidates before hiring. They utilize verification services like Surepass bgv API for checking the address, criminal records, and educational records of the candidate.

How Does HR Check Background?

HR checks candidate backgrounds by checking their records like criminal records, personal data, and post-employment history.

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