Background Verification Process 

BGV, or background verification, is used for the purpose of verifying candidates and employees,  interchangeably. Staying ahead of business and operational risks is a primary priority for firms when it comes to employing new staff members. In essence, background checks were implemented to ensure that businesses employing new hires or screening current ones complied with data security, business, and compliance standards.

Verifying an employee’s history is now a requirement for employment and cannot be waived. It seems that background checks are getting stronger over time. Employers are using technology to verify personnel by doing thorough background checks and adding other components. Employer-specific background screening solutions are provided  and other background screening firms through the use of cutting-edge technology such as AI/ML, proprietary databases, etc.

BGV Process 

In order to choose the best applicant for the position, the background verification procedure includes determining the veracity of the applicant’s previous employment history, their educational background, and if the applicant is currently involved in any pending or completed court proceedings.

In light of the evolving workplace and recent data privacy regulations, employers are unable to overlook even the smallest error on a CV. If the wrong person is employed, the years-long building of your market reputation is ruined. Your business may experience a beneficial transformation with only a few simple background check measures.

BGV Verification

Technology-based solutions centered on employment, education, address, criminal, and identity checks have been developed to immediately verify and enroll individuals in a period driven by the dynamism and volatility of good talent. This has significantly aided in reducing risk unique to HR and accelerating corporate decision-making.

All papers and information can be uploaded at once using our centralized onboarding documentation solution, and different stakeholders may cross-reference them at any moment for a variety of purposes. Even documents that have been digitally signed are accepted by organizations. Employee verification used to take a lot of manual documentation, but now it is all done online. 

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Employment Verification Process

Background checks are an effective way to determine whether an applicant is a good fit for your company. Through cross-referencing essential information like schooling, certifications, and work history, you may learn more about a candidate’s background and skills. When deciding if a candidate is a good match for your company, this information may be quite helpful.

Understanding the many background check options is crucial to getting the most out of this crucial screening tool. You may utilize a variety of checks to help you make recruiting decisions, including fingerprinting, professional licenses, criminal and employment histories, and licensing. You can design a thorough and efficient recruiting process that protects your company from danger and gives you the best candidates with the correct mix of background checks.

A substantial time, money, and trust investment goes into hiring a new employee. As much as you want to make sure your new staff will benefit your business, you also need to keep your establishment safe from outside dangers. Criminal background checks are useful in this situation.

Checking a candidate’s past for serious offenses like fraud, embezzlement, violent or sexual offenses, or felony convictions can help protect your business, clients, and coworkers. One of the most important tools for seeing possible warning signs and averting the expensive and disastrous effects of a poor hire is a criminal background check.

Don’t take a chance with the security of your company. Invest in criminal background checks to safeguard your business from any dangers. Having this crucial hiring tool in your toolbox will help you make well-informed hiring decisions that will protect your company and position you for long-term success.

Digital Identity Authentication

People must now link their Aadhaar to all government services and benefits, such as bank accounts, phone numbers, and income tax returns, according to the Indian government. 

By using biometric authentication to confirm that the person presenting the Aadhaar card is the same person whose biometric data is kept in the government database, the Aadhaar is verified. In order to prevent identity theft and make sure that recipients of government services and benefits receive them, Aadhaar verification has become a crucial instrument.

In this sense, ongoing observation is crucial. It is vital to do verifications on a frequent basis, as opposed to only once, for every employee. Many times, after joining a firm, workers are discovered to be moonlighting. Thus, it is becoming more and more crucial to regularly do criminal checks.In many cases, a one-time pre-onboarding exercise is just insufficient.

Educational Verification

Verifying an applicant’s educational background is an essential element of the recruiting process, especially in light of the growing prevalence of fraudulent degrees and certifications from unaccredited universities. Employers may make sure they are recruiting qualified and competent people who have the knowledge and abilities needed for the position by confirming the educational backgrounds of job candidates.

There may be dire repercussions if education verification is neglected. Hiring someone with a fake degree or credential can result in a lot of complications, such as subpar work output, harm to the company’s reputation, and possible legal troubles. Furthermore, these workers might not have the training and experience needed to do their jobs well, endangering the business and its clients.

Employee Background Verification with Surepass

Surepass Background Check API’s has the following features: 

  • Visibility of the document/data collecting process in real-time
  • Simple application that gathers pertinent documents
  • Real-time tracking of each case’s progress and little input required to establish a goal profile are combined with thorough, adaptable, and reliable reporting.
  • The largest corporate, legal, financial, confidential, and negative public databases are available for access.
  • Single-click start of a new candidate or request
  • Notifications and alerts can be tailored to a client’s specifications.
  • Has the potential to serve as a future resource for employee information
  • may be used APIs to interface with any HRMS or ATS

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We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Frauds by 95%

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