GST Number

The 15-character Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN), which is unique to each state, is made up of the entity code, PAN, state code, and cheque digit. A person’s Permanent Account Number may be used to determine their GSTIN (PAN).

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a necessary part of conducting business in India, as any taxpayer will attest to. After completing the online GST registration process, you will receive your GST number, also known as your GSTIN. Each taxpayer who is enrolled for GST has a distinct GSTIN. Having this number is crucial since it’s needed to file GST returns and carry out commercial activities. Finding your GST number or the GST number of a vendor you are doing business with, however, is not always simple. Thus, you may look up a GST number using your PAN in these circumstances. We’ll talk about how to look for GST numbers by PAN in this article.

Finding the GST number of any registered taxpayer is simple and convenient with the help of the GST search by PAN number. For taxpayers who need to confirm a vendor or supplier GST number before doing business, this is a helpful way. You may verify that the merchant is a registered taxpayer and that the GST number given is authentic by looking for the GST number using your PAN.


The process below may be used to determine a person’s GSTIN based on their PAN:

Step 1: Go to the GST website

Step2: Select the “Search Taxpayer” option. 

Step 3: Choose the “Search by PAN” menu item.

Step 4: Enter the dealer’s PAN number and the captcha code that appears on the screen to utilize the GST number search function.

Step 5: Select “Search.” The website will display information on the GSTIN registration that is linked to the submitted PAN. 

Step 6: The website reroutes to “Search by GSTIN” with the GSTIN pre-filled after clicking any one of the hyperlinked GSTINs. 

Step 7: Click “Search” after entering the captcha code. Additional information on the company registered under that particular GSTIN is shown. 

GST Number Check 

Implementing a procedure to confirm GSTIN numbers is an easy and efficient approach to stop early-stage GST registration fraud and confirm the authenticity of a business.

Verification numbers for GST are used for the following:

  • Showing the legitimacy of a company to different stakeholders, including as clients, lenders, partners, and government agencies.
  • Verification of GST status demonstrates eligibility and validity for input tax credit claims.
  • Permits cross-checking the identification of the company, its business relationships, and other commercial activities.

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GSTIN Number in Pan Card

The GST number Search Tool using GSTIN makes it simple to verify your GSTIN.

Just by using the GSTIN search by PAN function, customers can easily confirm the authenticity of a business. They may also find the state in which your vendor’s firm is located by using the GSTIN by PAN. Dealers who use the PAN to confirm the GST number should steer clear of any possible mistakes.

A list of GSTINs linked to a PAN, as well as the status for each state in which the firm is active, may be obtained by conducting a GST search by PAN. As a second step, users may also access all information pertaining to the GSTINs.

GST Search by PAN with Surepass 

  • Identify fraudulent and illegitimate taxpayers.
  • You can only validate the right input tax credit—which cannot be obtained in any other way—by using the GST status verification service (in the event that your GST number is wrong).
  • Verify the legitimacy and authenticity of each GSTIN.
  • Cut off contact with companies or vendors who utilize fraudulent or counterfeit GSTINs.
  • Make the verification procedure simpler.
  • Stop fraud from happening.
  • Incorrect or erroneous information should be corrected in GST reporting.


In summary, it is an easy and clear approach to look for a GST number using your PAN. When trying to learn more about a vendor, understanding this method might be helpful. In order for businesses to confirm the GSTIN of their suppliers and vendors, understanding how to search for a GST number using PAN might be a useful tool. It is simple to get the GST number of any registered taxpayer by following the preceding instructions.


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