IEC Code

International commerce has become an important engine for economic growth in the modern world. Numerous regulatory systems, including those of the Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) system have been put implemented to make transborder transactions run smoothly. IEC verification of codes is essential for ensuring compliance and legitimacy for international trade. In this article, we’ll examine the importance of IEC code verification. We will also present steps for verifying IEC codes.

IEC Verification

An Importer-Exporter code (IEC) is a vital identification number for companies exporting to or importing into India. Anyone who wishes to export or import anything without first getting an IEC unless exempted by law. For service exports, IEC is not required unless the service provider gains in an exemption under the Foreign Trade Policy.

After GST’s introduction, GST and GST, the IEC issued will be exactly the same as the firm’s PAN. However the IEC is still issued by DGFT in accordance with an application. The company that is granted an IEC could be any of the below: partnership, proprietorship, limited company, LLP, trust or HUF, as well as society.

IEC can be utilized for the benefit of a company that is a partnership, proprietorship, LLP, limited company or trust, HUF or society. In order to apply, the business must possess an PAN number and a bank account under the name of its owner, as well as a valid place of business. The DGFT will physical verify an address when giving out the IEC. Be sure to be sure to have you PAN and bank account information and your company’s details in order before submitting.

IEC Online Verification

To obtain to obtain the Import Export Code (IEC code) to obtain the IEC code, you must adhere to certain steps and regulations. Additionally, you have to comply with specific requirements. After you’ve met the conditions, you are able to get an IEC number from DGFT offices. There are regional offices throughout the country.

It is available at the nearest regional or zonal office. We’ve already talked about the process of applying for IEC code, and what documents are required. This is a summary of the details.

There are a few steps to follow to apply for and get the Import Export Code in India. All applicants must follow these steps.

  • Complete the IEC application online on the DGFT website.
  • Go to and click “Apply to IEC’.
  • To register as a brand new user, fill in all the necessary details.
  • Then you will be sent An OTP to your mobile number and email address to verify your identity.
  • The username and password are sent to the email address you have registered after your mobile number and email address have been verified. Log in with these credentials.
  • Next, click “Start Fresh Application”.
  • Input the requested information and then submit the required documents.
  • Once you’ve submitted your application, pay INR the application fees of 500.

This IEC Certificate will be delivered to your email address once payment is accepted. Once you have received IEC (Import Export Code) IEC (Import Export Code) code, you will be able to carry out import and export transactions.

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IEC Code Verification Process Manually

A company can apply to IEC code. A corporation can apply for IEC codes as partnership, proprietorship or limited liability partnership. trust, limited company or HUF. It can also be a society.

  • Before submitting the application the company must possess an PAN, a bank account that is in its name, as well as a valid location.
  • In the process of issuing the IEC when issuing the IEC, the DGFT could physically check the address.
  • Before registering, make sure you be sure to have details of your personal identification number (PAN), bank account information and your firm’s information prepared to complete the registration.
  • Once the process is complete After the procedure is completed, the applicant will receive with an IEC Number (10-digit number) which is valid for all divisions and branches.

IEC Code Check Importance

  • Takes advantage of an opportunity to gain access to the International marketplace: Import Export Code registration is vital for both importing and exporting businesses to be able to access global markets and to improve the standards of corporate business.
  • Beginning Point for Foreign Transactions The document is the most important document to initiate foreign transactions.
  • Improves the quality of business: IEC registration helps to keep business partnerships in place and improve the company’s quality by expanding its reach across the world.
  • Controls illicit trading: To be eligible for an IEC Registration You must provide complete and accurate details. The department is unable to give IEC registrations without complete and accurate information. IEC registration without complete and exact information, thereby lessening the risk of illegal trade in products.


The additional benefits are IEC’s lifetime validity. Companies also don’t have the obligation to renew registration. Certain benefits are available from organizations like DGFT Customs, the Export Promotion Council and many more. Additionally, companies can receive the reimbursement of taxes they have paid for exporting goods.

Importers and exporters have to sign up to obtain IEC registration prior to importing or exporting goods and services. Without an IEC is not a valid way to take part in the trade and export sector. Except as specifically exempted, person can import or export without first getting an IEC.

It is the IEC number is utilized to record and track every aspect of a business’s global business operations (10-digit code).

As globalization continues to expand there are a myriad of cross-border opportunities for business. Import Export Code registration allows an individual to take advantage of these opportunities.

Therefore it is evident that this is why the IEC code is crucial for all businesses to be able to operate successfully in the international market.


In our globalized society every business needs IEC Registration to expand its business abroad. Entrepreneurs are seeking to expand their businesses globally by obtaining Import Export Code registration through proper compliance and procedures.

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