India’s Largest Bike Taxi App Company

In our human world, using a bike taxi ride is a convenient and budget-friendly option to reach a destination on time. Millions of users are using these bike rides daily. However, providing bike rides with strong security is not an easy task for companies. 

India’s leading bike Bike Taxi App serves more than 10 million users. Unable to provide both speed and security simultaneously. They want to focus on the security and safety of users and assets. That led to a complex onboarding process for users. But for app growth. The app should have to provide easy onboarding for users as well as potential security. 

Here, Surepass offers advanced technology APIs to help the Bike Taxi App company. The APIs help to achieve quick verification of users. That makes onboarding easy and reduces the risk of fraud. 

In this case study, you will explore how Surepass helps in transforming the onboarding process, driving growth, improving user experiences, and strengthening security measures for India’s largest Bike Bike Taxi App.

How we Helped India’s Largest Bike Taxi App

Struggles Of India’s Largest Bike Taxi App Company Without Surepass APIs

Before incorporating Surpass APIs into the work of APP Taxi company, they are struggling with issues like

  • Lengthy Onboarding Processes: A complex onboarding process for Bike Taxi Apps makes it frustrating to use as a user. Many users drop off during the onboarding process, which causes a loss of app users. There is nothing worse than the customer loss for a company.

  • Risk Of Fraud: Due to improper verification of riders, the risk of fraudulent activities is high, such as damaging and stealing assets and bikes.

  • High Operational Cost: Without APIs, companies need to hire more people for manual verification and resources. Ongoing fraud detection and prevention is slow and needs time and money. Higher case chances of fraud due to less efficiency in detection leads to financial and reputational damage.

Surepass An Excellent Solution For Bike Taxi App 

Surepass offers advanced APIs and OCR for easy verification with a secure database for verification. It helps the India’s Largest Bike Taxi App company by providing the right solutions in the form of APIs.

  • Quick Onboarding: Using advanced OCR technology, Surepass secure APIs identified user identity and address efficiently.
  • Increase Security: Surepass has a secured database that verifies the user’s identity and Penny Drops bank account. APIs and OCRs help achieve quick rider verification and decrease the risk of fraud. Reduce theft and damage by user identity verification, address, criminal background verification.

  • Lower Operational Cost: Due to the high security of fraudulent activities. Due to the reduced fraud cases, the spending associated with it has been reduced.

The contribution of Surepass APIs helps the India’s Largest Bike Taxi App clients and strengthen their market position. Smooth user onboarding helps in high user engagement and increases the chances of expansion. Surepass has played an important role in the achievement and growth of Bike Taxi App Company.

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Winning Partnership

Surepass and India’s leading Bike Taxi App company have formed a fantastic bond together. Both of them are doing well in their respective business areas. Surepass has made the Bike Taxi App user-friendly and helped in its growth. Now, Bike Taxi App can concentrate on their work without any concerns about checking and stopping fraud

Why Should You Choose Surepass?

Surepass has good APIs with cutting-edge technology and highly accurate databases. Their streamlined onboarding APIs help in increasing user experience and bring more engagement that results in business expansion. 

It reduces fraud cases with accurate verification. Surepass knows the value of a client’s business and helps them achieve their goals by providing the right solutions. Its APIs are suitable for all kinds of user base businesses. 

If you have a user base business take Surepass as your reliable choice. You don’t have to worry about the onboarding and verification. With Surepass, focus on business expansion and be the next leading Bike Bike Taxi App company. 

So, partner with Surepass today and achieve your business goals with a smooth onboarding process. Surepass offers customized APIs for customers’ use that are easy to incorporate into the existing business. Surepass is a reputed rising name in the OCR and APIs industry that serves about 2000+ happy businesses. Most of them are reputed and big companies. You should visit Surepass physically to learn more about the companies. And how surepass provides them with a customized solution that helps in the expansion of their onboarding process and expansion.


Surepass’s unique APIs not only made the onboarding process for India’s leading Bike Taxi App company but also enhanced the security. It has increased the user experience with smooth onboarding and resulted in a high user engagement rate. It contributes to the business expansion and more review. This case study highlights the importance of balancing speed and security in onboarding processes and showcases Surepass’s capability to achieve this delicate balance effectively. It also highlights the reasons why a user base company choose Surepass APIs to ease out their business. 

Automate your KYC Process & reduce Fraud!

We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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