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Introducing a Wide Range of newly launched Powerful APIs for Instant and Secure Identity Verification!

Surepass ID Verification APIs

Our New Verification APIs

PAN Verification API

Surepass PAN verification API quickly verifies the legitimacy of the PAN Card, enhances customer verification and prevents identity theft.

Labour Verification API

Surepass Labour Verification API streamlines labour onboarding by automating the Aadhaar and Voter ID verification process.

DIN KYC Status Check API

Quickly check the DIN Status with Surepass DIN KYC Status API and get other details like the Director’s Name, Father’s Name, etc for accurate verification.

Email Finder by Phone Number API

Instantly find the accurate email address using a phone number with Surepass Find Email Id By Mobile Number API

Singapore UEN Check API

Instantly access and verify the company details Using the UEN Number with Surepass Singapore  UEN check API

Salary Verification API

Prevent SIM Swap instantly with Surepass SIM Swap Detection API, enter the phone number to get real-time SIM Swap details and stay secure.

Qatar ID Check API

Verify the validity of Qatar IDs & related documents easily with Surepass’s Qatar ID Check API to prevent fraud.

Vehicle Price Check API

Instantly check real-time vehicle prices with the Surepass Vehicle Price Check API save money during new car buying.

Udyam Registration Check API

Use Udyam Registration Check API to streamline the onboarding process and instantly verify the legitimacy of MSME merchants.

Aadhaar Verification via Aadhaar XML API

Use Surepass Aadhaar Verification via Aadhaar XML API to securely verify the identity of customers by Aadhaar XML Zip file.

Salary Verification API

Quickly confirm the accurate salary details of the person with Surepass Salary verification API, and streamline the verification process.

PAN Card eSign

Simplify document signing with Surepass PAN eSign API, & ensure secure and efficient digital PAN signature on documents.

PDF to Excel OCR API

Quickly extract data from PDF files to Excel with Surepass PDF to Excel API, automates the data organization and enhances productivity.

IFSC Verification API

Surepass IFSC Code Verification API ensures secure and accurate online transactions by verifying bank details.

UAE Pass eSign

Digitally sign PDF documents with Surepass UAE Pass eSign API, ensuring simplicity and efficiency in the signing process.

Bike Price Check API

Surepass Bike Price Check API provides on-road prices and ex-showroom of new bikes in India, helping users find fair deals.

Car Price Check API

Use Surepass Car Price Check API and know the accurate Market value of the car, saving you money.

ICSI Verification API

Instantly verify the legitimacy of a company secretary by accessing the ICSI database with Surepass ICSI Verification API.

MCA Struck Off Companies Check API

Quickly verify the status of strike off companies and get details using Surepass MCA Struck off companies check API.

Bank Statement OCR API

Revolutionize financial data management with Surepass Bank Statement OCR. Quickly extract data from bank statement images.

UAE Pass Verification API

UAE PASS API enables instant document and identity verification, streamlining the onboarding process.

Online OCR API

Surepass Online OCR: Instantly convert  images to editable text with accuracy and no manual typing errors streamline operations

Barcode Scanner API

Use Surepass Barcode Scanner to effortlessly scan, extract bar code data from the image, and convert it into tabular form.

Use Surepass MSME and Struck Off Status check API to instantly check companies’ strike off status accurately.

Surepass e-Invoice OCR API streamlines invoicing by automating data extraction, eliminating errors, and increasing efficiency.

GST Analysis API

A GST Analysis API is a tool that automates and streamlines the retrieval, validation, and analysis of GST-related data for enhanced efficiency and compliance.

Integrate our Biometric eSignature API seamlessly into your online platform to enhance security and authenticity, leveraging advanced biometric technology for secure and fraud-resistant digital signatures.

Iris eSign API

IRIS Face eSign API enables seamless integration of facial recognition technology into electronic signature processes for enhanced security and authentication.

Government Database Check API

Document extension refers to the suffix appended to a file name indicating its format or type, facilitating software compatibility and user recognition.

Government Database Check API

Government database check API: A streamlined solution for verifying information and ensuring compliance with governmental regulations.

Age Verification API

Age verification APIs confirm users’ ages through identity checks, data validation, and biometric authentication to prevent fraud.

A credit score API provides programmatic access to credit scoring data and insights for financial analysis and decision-making purposes.

Face eSign API

Face eSign utilizes facial recognition technology to verify and authenticate the identity of individuals during electronic signature processes, providing a secure and convenient way to sign documents remotely.

Number Intelligence API

Number Intelligence API: A versatile tool providing comprehensive analysis and insights into numerical data, enhancing decision-making processes across various industries.

Cheque OCR API

Cheque OCR accurately extracts and interprets information from scanned cheques for automated processing and verification.

UDIN Verification API

The UDIN Verification API swiftly validates Unique Document Identification Numbers, ensuring document authenticity and integrity.

Data Breach API

A data breach API provides unauthorized access to sensitive information, compromising privacy and security.

The Negative Due Diligence Check API swiftly identifies potential risks or adverse information associated with individuals or entities.

Land Record Check API

A land record check API that retrieves property ownership and historical data with real-time updates.

Investor Verification API

Liveness check API verifies the real-time availability or responsiveness of a system or service.

Investor Verification API

Investor Verification API streamlines investor checks for compliance and fraud prevention in financial partnerships

Stolen Vehicle Verification API

The Stolen Vehicle Verification API ensures accuracy in vehicle ownership verification with seamless integration

Utility Bill OCR API

Automate utility bill data extraction with seamless integration and precise processing to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Form 16 OCR API

Effortlessly automate Form 16 data retrieval, ensuring accuracy and compliance with seamless integration and precise processing.

Address Verification API

Address Verification API: Harnessing advanced technology to seamlessly verify addresses, ensuring smooth integration and precise data retrieval.


Our DOB (Date of Birth) Check by PAN (Permanent Account Number) API leverages advanced technology to connect PAN numbers with corresponding dates of birth, facilitating smooth integration and precise data retrieval.

Aadhaar to Phone Number API

The Aadhaar to Phone Number API employs innovative technology to link Aadhaar numbers with phone numbers, ensuring seamless integration and accuracy in data retrieval.

UPI ID Verification API

Our UPI ID Verification API swiftly confirms transaction IDs, verifies individuals’ names, and retrieves bank account details for seamless authentication.

Aadhaar to Phone Number Link Check

The Aadhaar To Phone Link Check API utilizes advanced technology to verify linkage status between Aadhaar numbers and phone numbers, ensuring security and compliance.

Email ID Verification API

The Email ID Verification API harnesses cutting-edge technology to authenticate and validate email addresses, enhancing accuracy and speed in the verification process.

TIN Verification API

The TIN Verification API uses advanced technology to extract and verify Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TINs) from various sources, streamlining the verification process with precision and speed.

Pension Certificate Verification API

Our Pension Certificate API swiftly verifies individuals’ certificates, ensuring authenticity and reliability for secure financial transactions and records.


The FSSAI Certificate OCR API utilizes OCR technology to extract essential details from images of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) certificates.


The APAAR OCR API employs OCR technology to extract crucial data from images of Agricultural Produce and Livestock Market Committee (APMC) certificates.

Blood Test OCR API

The Blood OCR API harnesses OCR technology to extract vital information from images of blood test reports.


The UAE Vehicle RC OCR API utilizes OCR technology to extract vehicle registration details from images of Registration Certificates.

12th Marksheet verification API

Surepass’s 12th Marksheet Verification API provides seamless authentication and detailed insights into academic records for institutions, employers, and individuals.

10th markheet verification api

Surepass’s 10th Marksheet Verification API provides seamless authentication and detailed insights into academic records for institutions, employers, and individuals.

Aadhaar Name Match API

The Aadhaar Name Match API verifies provided names against Aadhaar card details for accuracy.

MOBILE number to vehicle RC API

The Mobile Number to Vehicle RC API is a service that retrieves vehicle registration details using registered mobile numbers.

insurance agent verification api

Insurance agent verification API is a tool that allows insurance companies to authenticate the credentials and licensure of insurance agents quickly and efficiently.

Ultimate Beneficial Owner API

The Ultimate Beneficial Owner API provides real-time access to crucial ownership information of companies.

Invoice OCR API

The Invoice OCR API is a tool that extracts data from invoice images using Optical Character Recognition technology.

Receipt OCR API

Receipt OCR API swiftly extracts data from receipts for seamless integration, fraud detection, and automated processes.

FICO CRedit RReport API

The FICO Credit Report API provides real-time access to comprehensive credit information with just a date of birth and PAN number.

Eway Bill Verification API

The Eway Bill Verification API is a tool that allows real-time access to details associated with e-way bills for verification purposes.

Internation passport API

The International Passport Verification API is a service for instantly authenticating government-issued passports.

US Trademark Check API

The US Trademark Check API is a service provided by Surepass for accessing real-time trademark information in the United States.


MCA Data API V3 portal allows seamless retrieval of both old and new company documents, enhancing data access and efficiency.

Phone Number to Bank Account Details API

Phone Number to Bank Account Details API is a real-time service providing secure access to bank information based on registered mobile numbers.

Phone Number to Bank Account Number API

Phone Number to Bank Account Number API is a service allowing instant retrieval of bank account details by entering a registered phone number.

Aadhaar Card To Ration Card API

Aadhaar Card to Ration Card API streamlines verification, providing swift access to comprehensive ration card details with just an Aadhaar number.

Ration Card API

The Ration Card Verification API is a seamless tool by Surepass, ensuring swift and accurate verification of individuals using their ration card details.

transunion credit report api

The Transunion Credit Report API allows individuals to easily access their comprehensive credit information, including the Transunion credit score, for informed financial decisions.

Singapore ACRA API

Singapore ACRA Data API is a tool for accessing detailed information on registered companies, providing accurate data from the official government database.

Mobile Number to Aadhaar Number API

Mobile Number to Aadhaar Number is a service allowing users to retrieve their Aadhaar by entering their associated mobile number.

UK Companies House Data API

The UK Companies House Data API is a tool that allows users to access official information about registered UK companies in real time.

Crif Credit Report APi

Crif Credit Report API by Surepass is a tool for individuals to access comprehensive credit information, including their Crif credit score, conveniently and automatically

Experian Credit report api

Experian Credit Report API is a tool by Surepass for seamless access to credit insights, empowering users with scores and financial details.

Bank Statement Parsing

Bank Statement Parsing is the automated conversion of diverse bank statement formats into editable and searchable documents for efficient financial analysis.

Bank Statement Parsing

Bank Statement Analyzer is a tool that automates the analysis of bank statements, offering real-time insights and enhancing financial processes.

Digilocker PAN Verification API

Enhance identity verification with Surepass’s Digilocker Aadhaar Verification API. Streamlined, secure, and user-friendly Aadhaar card validation in seconds.

Digilocker Aadhaar Verification API

Enhance identity verification with Surepass’s Digilocker Aadhaar Verification API. Streamlined, secure, and user-friendly Aadhaar card validation in seconds.

ITR Verification API

The ITR Verification API (Without Password) simplifies income tax return verification using unique client IDs instead of passwords.

AIS Verification API

AIS Verification API by Surepass offers secure access to comprehensive financial details using ITR credentials.

TIS Verification API

Surepass’s TIS Verification API streamlines identity verification by securely accessing detailed Tax Information System (TIS) data through ITR credentials.

Name match api

A Name Matching API is a AI tool that compares and identifies similarities between different names, often used for data validation or deduplication purposes.

address matching api

An Address Matching API is a tool that validates, corrects, and standardizes addresses for improved accuracy in various applications.

Address parsing API

Address parsing API is a tool that extracts and organizes relevant information from unstructured address data, facilitating efficient data analysis and management.


Surepass’s CKYC Upload API service enables effortless submission of KYC details to CERSAI, streamlining the contribution process securely and efficiently.

CKYC Download API

Surepass’s CKYC Download API seamlessly retrieves your KYC data from CERSAI, ensuring swift and secure access to your information.


Surepass’s CKYC Search API enables users to swiftly find their CKYC registry using Aadhaar, PAN, voter ID, or license details, streamlining the KYC verification process.

CKYC Verification API

CKYC, or Central Know Your Customer, is a system designed to enhance the customer identification process in the financial sector.

Vehicle RC to Mobile Number API

The Vehicle RC to Mobile Number API is a service that provides vehicle owner details, including mobile numbers, by inputting the vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC) number.

Apaar Card API

The Apaar Card API provides streamlined access to lifelong unique student IDs, in alignment with India’s education reform initiatives.

Account Aggregator API by Account Number

The Account Aggregator API by Account Number is a tool that lets users retrieve transaction details by providing a bank account number and granting consent.

account aggregator API by Mobile number

An API that retrieves account transactions using a mobile number for secure, quick access to financial data.

National permit verification api

Surepass National Permit Verification API provides a convenient and efficient way to verify the national permit number, validity period, and validity status of a vehicle using its RC (Registration Certificate) number.

Insurance Verification API

Surepass Insurance Verification API provide helps to verify the insurance details of a vehicle. You just have to input the RC Number and our API will fetch the insurance provider, insurance validity, and insurance policy number associated with the vehicle.

Fastag Verification API

Surepass Fastag Verification API enables real-time verification of Fastag credentials. You just have to input the RC Number and our API will fetch the status and the issuer bank

Employment Verification API

Employment Verification API extracts the employment details using the UAN number and verifies all the information such as job status, current employment, previous employers, tenure, and income instantly in real-time.


The BBPS API facilitates secure and convenient bill payment, simplifying the process for consumers and promoting digital payments in the country.

Signature Detection /Matching API

The Signature Detection /Matching API compares the input signature with a reference signature or a database of known signatures to authenticate a match and verify the signature.

UAN Verification API

The UAN Verification APIs allow organizations to verify the authenticity of the UAN provided by the employees and check their employment history.

Death Certificate Verification API

The Death Certificate Verification API makes it easy and reliable to verify Death Certificate details instantly in real-time.

Malaysia Mykad Verification API

Instantly validate Malaysian identities using the MyKad Verification API through photo uploads.

Malaysia Driving license api

Instantly validate Malaysian Driving License using the Malaysia Driving License Verification API through photo uploads.

ESIC Verification API

The ESIC Verification API instantly validates ESIC details from the official database for accurate and reliable verification.

HUID verification API

The HUID verification API enables gold item authentication and information retrieval through unique HUID codes.

Cibil Report API

The CIBIL Credit Report API enables seamless retrieval of individuals’ credit reports and scores from the CIBIL database.

Equifax Credit report API

The Equifax Credit Report API allows quick access to individual credit reports, providing a comprehensive overview of financial history and standing.

Payout API

Payout API streamlines transfers, enabling secure and quick payments to recipients

GST to phone number API

The GST to Phone Number API enables quick retrieval of verified phone numbers linked to GST numbers, aiding secure and accurate business communication.

Aadhaar Verification API without API

An Aadhaar verification API without OTP allows instant identity verification using just the Aadhaar number, eliminating the need for a one-time password.

QR Based Aadhaar Verification API

QR-based Aadhaar Verification API swiftly authenticates Aadhaar cards via QR code scanning.

Face verification based aadhaar esign

Face verification based Aadhaar eSign is a secure way to digitally sign documents using facial recognition and Aadhaar authentication.

Phone number to udyam verification api

The Phone Number to Udyam Verification API enables swift PAN-MSME checks online for hassle-free verification.

Phone number to MSME verification API

The Phone Number to MSME Verification API validates MSME registration using a phone number input.

aadhaar bank seeding status api

The Aadhaar Bank Seeding Status API provides real-time verification of Aadhaar-PAN linkage, aiding in fraud prevention and subsidy accuracy.

Alternative Mobile Number Finder API

The Alternative Mobile Number Finder API allows users to discover additional mobile phone numbers associated with a person by providing their full name and primary phone number.

Alternative Email ID finder

Unlock additional email addresses associated with individuals using our Alternative Email ID Finder API.

alternative address finder api

Unlock additional email addresses associated with individuals using our Alternative Email ID Finder API.

Mobile Number to Pan Number API

Retrieve PAN numbers by inputting mobile numbers and names for seamless identity verification.

Mobile Number to VPA UPI

The Mobile Number to VPA API instantly provides UPI IDs linked to mobile numbers, enhancing digital payment security.

Mobile Number to Name API

Mobile Number to Name API empowers businesses with quick and secure access to user names linked to mobile numbers, enhancing personalization and security.

Reverse Penny Drop API

The Reverse Penny Drop API verifies bank account details by confirming a deposited amount, enhancing user authentication.

disability verification api

A Disability Verification API is a tool that confirms an individual’s disability status for specific needs through software integration.


Plug and Play

Plug and Play

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Highest Uptime

Provide the highest uptime of 99% due to our robust fall back system that we have built using multiple sources.


Accurate Data

Instant & Accurate

Most accurate data with the no chances of error as the data retrieved goes through rigorous testing before being presented to the user.

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