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Introducing a Wide Range of newly launched Powerful APIs for Instant and Secure Identity Verification!

Surepass ID Verification APIs

Our New Verification APIs

National permit verification api

Surepass National Permit Verification API provides a convenient and efficient way to verify the national permit number, validity period and validity status of a vehicle using its RC (Registration Certificate) number. /p>

Insurance Verification API

Surepass Insurance Verification API provide helps to verify the insurance details of a vehicle. You just have to input the RC Number and our API will fetch the insurance provider, insurance validity, and insurance policy number associated with the vehicle.

Fastag Verification API

Surepass Fastag Verification API enables real-time verification of Fastag credentials. You just have to input the RC Number and our API will fetch the status and the issuer bank

Employment Verification API

Employment Verification API extracts the employment details using the UAN number and verifies all the information such as job status, current employment, previous employers, tenure, and income instantly in real-time.


The BBPS API facilitates secure and convenient bill payment, simplifying the process for consumers and promoting digital payments in the country.

Signature Detection /Matching API

The Signature Detection /Matching API compares the input signature with a reference signature or a database of known signatures to authenticate a match and verify the signature.

UAN Verification API

The UAN Verification APIs allow organizations to verify the authenticity of the UAN provided by the employees and check their employment history.

Death Certificate Verification API

The Death Certificate Verification API makes it easy and reliable to verify Death Certificate details instantly in real-time.

Malaysia Mykad Verification API

Instantly validate Malaysian identities using the MyKad Verification API through photo uploads.

Malaysia Driving license api

Instantly validate Malaysian Driving License using the Malaysia Driving License Verification API through photo uploads.

ESIC Verification API

The ESIC Verification API instantly validates ESIC details from the official database for accurate and reliable verification.

HUID verification API

The HUID verification API enables gold item authentication and information retrieval through unique HUID codes.

Cibil Report API

The CIBIL Credit Report API enables seamless retrieval of individuals’ credit reports and scores from the CIBIL database.

Equifax Credit report API

The Equifax Credit Report API allows quick access to individual credit reports, providing a comprehensive overview of financial history and standing.

Payout API

Payout API streamlines transfers, enabling secure and quick payments to recipients

GST to phone number API

The GST to Phone Number API enables quick retrieval of verified phone numbers linked to GST numbers, aiding secure and accurate business communication.

Aadhaar Verification API without API

An Aadhaar verification API without OTP allows instant identity verification using just the Aadhaar number, eliminating the need for a one-time password.

QR Based Aadhaar Verification API

QR-based Aadhaar Verification API swiftly authenticates Aadhaar cards via QR code scanning.

Face verification based aadhaar esign

Face verification based Aadhaar eSign is a secure way to digitally sign documents using facial recognition and Aadhaar authentication.

Phone number to udyam verification api

The Phone Number to Udyam Verification API enables swift PAN-MSME checks online for hassle-free verification.

Phone number to MSME verification API

The Phone Number to MSME Verification API validates MSME registration using a phone number input.


Plug and Play

Plug and Play

Simple and user-friendly interface. Supports all the languages and provide sample codes to help the developers for easy integration.


Highest Uptime

Provide the highest uptime of 99% due to our robust fall back system that we have built using multiple sources.


Accurate Data

Instant & Accurate

Most accurate data with the no chances of error as the data retrieved goes through rigorous testing before being presented to the user.

Aadhaar eSignature

Easy to integrate REST APIs with 24×7 Tech Support

AI based Advanced OCR for all Govt. issued IDs

Match customer’s selfie with the face on ID card

Instant verification with Real-time APIs

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