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FSSAI Verification API makes your onboarding process safer, faster, and smarter by verifying the legitimacy of your merchants operating in the food business industry.

With Surepass FSSAI verification API, you can confidently onboard merchants knowing that they are authorised to partake in the manufacture, storage, distribution, or export of food products, as well as which products the merchant/ entity is authorised to operate on.


According to Government of India regulations, every other food business operator in India should indeed register with both the Food Safety and Norms Authority of India and obtain an approved FSSAI certificate. This certificate is necessary to guarantee national safety of food.

FSSAI takes care of the food licensing and also looks into the rules and regulations for the Food Business Operators (FBO). The FSSAI licence is usually granted to all businesses (manufacturers, traders, restaurants) offering food items in any form for consideration


Benefits of Verifying with our API

Tackle fraud at source

Tackle fraud at source

Eliminate fraudulent users automation onboard.

Automate workflows

Auto approve verified users automation onboard.


Onboard faster

Minimize time spent in manual reviews


Frequently asked questions about
Nurse Verification API

Why should you use the Surepass FSSAI Verification API ?

FSSAI API is a robust system that enables an enterprise to authenticate with the highest accuracy in record time by extracting data in no time.

How does the FSSAI verification API function?

The user’s mobile number is routed through our AI system, where system data is extracted from the uploaded documents.

What happens after the data has been extracted with the FSSAI verification API?

The data is then validated in accordance with government standards, and a validation statement is provided.

Why is FSSAI verification API faster than manual data entry?

Our FSSAI API easily extracts data with FSSAI number instantly and fills in the fields automatically in seconds.

Is the FSSAI verification API prone to mistakes?

Yes, our API is prone to errors, but those errors are less than 0.01 percent because our API has been trained on a data set of over a million IDs.

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