Ways to Check Your Passport Status in India

Want to check the passport status, you have landed on the right page. This guide will help you track the passport application. But before jumping to checking the status gather the passport file number. We have shared with you both offline and online modes of tracking the application. Read this blog to learn the methods and steps. Choose the convenient method according to your preference for checking passport application status.

Methods To Check The Passport Status Online Through Passport Seva Portal

Follow the below-given steps to check the passport status through the Passport Seva portal

Step 1: Search and click on the Passport Seva Website

Passport Check API

Step 2: Now navigate Track application tab

Passport Check API

Step 3: Now choose the type of passport from this menu

  • Reissue of passport
  • Diplomatic passport
  • Official passport

Passport Check APIStep 5: Enter Details like File number and date of birth

Step 6: View your Application Status

Check Passport Status through the mPassport Seva Mobile App

Install the mPassport Seva App on your phone. We will give you step-by-step guidance for both Android Users and iOS users.

Passport Check API

  • Register on the APP
  • Whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, you need to register on the App via email ID and Phone number. Set a secure account passport.
  • Sign in to your Account
  • After registration, log into your account to track your passport application status.

Passport Check API

  • Find The Track Your Application status section.
  • Now fill in the required details like the Application number and DOB.
  • Check the status of your application by clicking on the track status button.
  • View Your Application Status

These are the simple steps anyone can follow to check the passport dispatch status.

Offline Method To Track Passport Application

There are many ways to check the passport application status offline like SMS, helpdesk and email.

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Check The Passport Status Through SMS

You can use the following steps to inspect the passport application through SMS

  • Send a Message from the registered Mobile Number
  • You need to use this format to send a message Status <File Number>
  • Send an SMS to this number 9704 100 100

After sending an SMS, you will receive an SMS containing status information on your mobile. Please remember that some prices will be charged while sending this SMS.

Passport Check API

Track Passport Application Status Through HelpDesk

If you want to check your passport, kindly visit the Passport Seva Kendra to get help from the helpdesk.

  • Kindly visit the nearby Passport Seva Kendra

Search the nearest Passport Seva Kendra and Regional Passport office and visit there.

  • Find the Information Counter

Look for the helpdesk to inquire about Passport status

  • Inquire about the Passport Application

Talk to the staff at the counter to check the passport application status. Another method is to email the Passport Seva Kendra with your file number and DOB to inquire about your application status.

Monitoring Passport Dispatch and Delivery Status

Follow these steps to monitor the dispatch and delivery of your passport, 

  • Go to the official Passport Seva website: log into your account into the Passport Seva Portal and access the 13-digit tracking number.
  • Now visit India’s Post Website: find the official website of India Post
  • Track Consignment: Find the tracking consignment section on the home page.
  • Input Tracking Number: In the consignment number box enter the 13-digit tracking number.
  • Proceed to search: Click on the search button to get the current status of your passport.

These are simple steps you can follow to track the passport dispatch status. It is crucial to check the delivery status. In some cases, if you are unable to find your passport status online, kindly connect with the speed post centre.


If you want to track the passport application status, you have two methods online and offline. Online methods include verification through the Passport Seva portal and mPassport Seva mobile App. Offline you can call on to toll toll-free number and Send an SMS. A number is given above you can use them to track the status. You can also get help from the help desk. We have also shared the tips you can use to monitor dispatch and delivery status.


1. How can I check my passport status?

There are many methods with which you can check or track the passport status such as

  • Phone: Call on toll-free number 800 258 1800.
  • Mobile App: Use the mPassport Seva mobile app.
  • Website: Visit the passport seva portal
  • SMS: Send an SMS with STATUS FILE NUMBER to 9704 100 100.

2. How can I check my passport update online?

You can use Passport status updates through the mPassport seva mobile app and passport seva portal.

3. How to check the validity of a Passport?

You can use API like passport verification API to check the validity of a passport. They provide to government database that ensures accurate verification.

4. How Can I track My India Passport Status?

You can track passport applications through the Passport Seva website. You can also use the mobile app mPassport Seva and other offline options like SMS and calling on tall toll-free number.

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