In a recent interview with Safety Detectives, Mr. Abhishek Kumar, Our Vice President of strategy Partnerships at, shared valuable insights into our company’s journey, about our innovative solution and their valuable contribution to digital identity verification.

Origin Of Surepass

Surepass, a well-known name in identity verification technology, was founded six years ago by college friends. These groups of friends were dissatisfied with the lengthy (KYC) Know Your Customer process. They saw technological improvement in this process and utilized their engineering knowledge to develop something innovative. With their technological minds and solutions, they have successfully reduced the verification times from several days to a few seconds.

Protection Against Fraud

Surepass has created an innovative solution with the capability of detecting various frauds. Many people use illegal means of using fake death certificates to get insurance money. Our APIs provide the latest government databases for accurate verification. We help ride-hailing companies prevent fraud by verifying driver IDs to stop vehicle misuse. Our helps in detecting identity theft and provides a shield against various types of fraud.

Addressing Implementation Obstacles

Before the arrival of API large corporations used outdated technology to verify their identity. It was a time-consuming task and prone to errors. That’s why Surepass develop plug-and-play services using APIs. Our API smoothly integrates with the existing system of business and boosts the verification process. With our advanced OCR and APIs, we have made a bond with 2000+ happy clients including the massive MNC. We offer customizable solutions to cater for issues.

Automate your KYC Process & reduce Fraud!

We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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Rising Demand For API

Before COVID-19, people doubt the legal validity of digital verification. However, COVID-19 transformed the scenario when people realised the golden features of digital identity verification. When no one can participate in physical verification. Now, banks and financial institutions want our API to streamline verification. In May, we took part in the UAE Fintech Festival and saw the potential of our services..

Adopting AI for Future Trends

Our Vice President Kumar Sir explains the dual role of AI in enhancing and tackling fraud. In today’s world fraudsters are using AI to create fake IDs and deepfakes that look totally natural. However, Surepass has developed a solution using Artificial intelligence that act against frauds. AI has added charm to OCR technology and APIs. We all know automation helps reduce manual labour and increase efficiency. 

To learn more about the interview you can visit the Abhishek Kumar Surepass Interview at Safety Detectives official website.


In the whole interview, our President explained each question raised by Safety Detectives.  He explained the motive and function of our APIs and how it help in customer onboarding and verification. Surepass is the leading company that provides advanced OCR and technology to streamline verification.  We focus on developing and updating our OCR and APIs. Our solutions provide efficiency and protection against threats. You can focus on your business and growth because, for verification, we are your dependable and accurate solution.

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Automate your KYC Process & reduce Fraud!

We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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