Industry: Mining and Production

Product: Alumina and Bauxite

India’s leading Aluminum Bauxite Producer in India was established in 1981, in Odisha. This company’s key operations include mines Alumina Refinery, Renewable Energy and Aluminum Smelter as well as the captive power plant. In the financial year 2021 to the financial year 2022, the company has generated 14,181 crore. This company provides the highest quality steel in the lowest price range.  Apart from manufacturing bauxite, this company have contributed to the nation by supporting tribal children’s education and community health services. It is recognized due to its excellent revenue and profitability.


The bigger the company the bigger the issue of verification. The leading lowest-price alumina producer company was facing challenges in Driver verification and vehicle RC verification.

Inefficiency in verification: before the integration of Surepass API, it was difficult to verify the authenticity of the DL of their employees.

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We have offered our advanced solution in the form of RC Verification API and Driving License verification API into their operational workflow. Our API provides a seamless and automated solution for verifying vehicle registration and driving license in real-time.

RC Verification API: This API was integrated into the workflow of India’s leading Aluminum Bauxite Producer operation for verification. Now they can instantly verify the background and information including ownership, registration status and other critical details.

Driving License Verification API: Smoothly integrated into the HR management system for a proper management system, HR can easily check DL details, validity, restriction etc.


After the incorporation of our API, India’s leading Aluminum Bauxite Producer has sheen many benefits such as

Increased Efficiency: Our API provides automation to the driver verification process. It has reduced the time and manual efforts required for the verification. Now administrative staff can focus on more important tasks.

Cost Saving: Automation of the verification process reduced the use of manual verification hence reducing the associated cost with it.

Improved Safety: Our DL and RC verification APIs allow us to check the drivers and vehicle details through the Government database. It ensures that only legitimate persons operate the company vehicle with no chance of stealing.


The incorporation of Surepass RC verification and Driving Licence verification APIs transformed India’s leading Aluminum Bauxite Producer to streamline their operation and management process. Our API add automation to the verification process. After integrating Surepass API the company has achieved higher operation efficiency, safety against fraud, and saved a lot of cost. This case study explains the value of integrating advanced verification technologies that help streamline operations and reduce the risk of fraud.

Apart from the DL verification and RC verification Surepass offers many other APIs. We are a stop solution for customer onboarding and identification. We are empowered with accurate Government and private databases. Our databases help tackle verification issues from all kinds of businesses from HR, Financial Institutions, Banks, Property verification, ownership verification etc.

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Automate your KYC Process & reduce Fraud!

We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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