Surepass’s PAN card verification API allows you to retrieve customers’ PAN card details.

Surepass’s PAN Card verification API can be used in the registration process for most customers, significantly saving resource time, because the PAN card is a document required for onboarding in several domains and because every registered tax-payer has a PAN card.

1. Immediate Results Enabling Smooth Customer Onboarding

2. Verification without paper

3. Simple Integration

The growing need for better identity verification

Over four out of every ten Indians have reported being victims of identity theft fraud. The Reserve Bank of India reported bank frauds totaling an estimated 1.38 trillion Indian rupees in 2021. These figures are expected to skyrocket as e-commerce and social media become more popular. Surepass systems are built around a framework for monitoring and evaluation. Our algorithms adapt to market trends, ensuring that we provide best-in-class security standards.

Use our PAN Card verification service to: 

Identify fraudulent data in forged PAN cards

Complete KYC processes for genuine customers more quickly.

Verify a customer’s financial situation using our ITR analyzer service.

Higher Uptime & Success Rates

Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the highest success rate for flawless business continuity at scale.

Comprehensive Process Handling

All processes are streamlined and independent to ensure that the results of numerous checks are reliable.

Flawless Bulk Operations

Conduct numerous verifications with complete ease and without the need for human intervention.

How To Verify PAN Card Details

  1. Fill out the link to the inquiry form
  2. Pan verification API integration
  3. Enter the Pan number as input.
  4. As a result of the pan verification API response, extract all of the details of the pan card.

Automate your KYC Process & reduce Fraud!

We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Frauds by 95%

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