People frequently come to us and ask us how to onboard the WhatsApp Business API and how long it would take them. This question doesn’t have a simple( or short) answer so we decided to devote some time and explain the process in detail.

But first, some history. In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp, a company that presently has over 2 billion active druggies of its mobile and web app, in a major acquisition worth$ 19 billion. In January 2018, WhatsApp decided to introduce WhatsApp Business. The end was to help small and medium businesses manage their operations more efficiently through the fast, simple, and secure messaging and calling app.

In August 2018, soon after the WhatsApp Business app was released, the company began to roll out its messaging service to medium and large businesses through an API. The API was intended for those companies that wanted to engage with their guests through the immensely popular WhatsApp platform.

WhatsApp Business API aims to help businesses communicate with their guests through the WhatsApp platform

What is the WhatsApp Business API onboarding process number?

Actually, the onboarding process for the WhatsApp Business API ll bear some time and trouble on your part. Still, with our help, you’ll get it done in a jiff. There are two ways in which you can do this

  • Using a business result provider
  • Structure and run your own result
  • Using a business result provider

Business result providers(BSPs) are platforms that have the blessing to spark a WhatsApp telephone number and shoot dispatches from your WhatsApp business account on behalf of your business. The one-on-one blessing of the result itself is needed and is likely to be done between the brigades of the business that wants to use WhatsApp, and the business result provider( similar to Surepass).

As a sanctioned WhatsApp business result provider, Surepass can help you emplace WhatsApp as snappily as possible, taking care of nearly the entire process for you. These services involve

  • Creating and managing your WhatsApp business account for you
  • Establishing sanctioned WhatsApp Business API
  • Managing client incoming dispatches through a unified inbox
  • Furnishing a collaboration platform for your platoon
  • Delivering data-driven perceptivity.


Broadcast personalized dispatches to targeted guests

Although this process demands nearly no trouble on your part, Surepass will bear your backing with the onboarding. Before we begin, there are some effects to take care of beforehand. One of them is your Business Director account.

Before pacing with the onboarding process, make sure you have a Business Director account
Business Director is a Facebook tool that helps you organize and manage your business. However, now is the time to produce one, If you don’t have it before. To produce your Business Director account, you’ll need to have a Facebook profile so you can use your Facebook username and word to subscribe to Business Director. Logging in this way is more secure than just a dispatch and word.

To produce a Business Director, navigate and start the Produce Account process. It’ll bear you to enter a name for your business, your name, work dispatch address, and your business details.

Do note that you can not have further than two Business Directory Accounts. However, you should enroll the help of another person from your business to produce fresh accounts, If you bear further.
To produce your WhatsApp business account, Surepass will request your Business Manager ID via dispatch. To find it, navigate to Business Settings in your Business Director and also elect Business Info. Your Business Manager ID can be planted under the Business Director Account Name.

Get a vindicated WhatsApp Business Account and the recognizable green crack

When Surepass( or another BSP of your choice) sends you a “ messaging on behalf of ” request, you’ll get an announcement from your Business Director and via dispatch. To allow Surepass to authorize messaging on your business ’ behalf, you’ll need to go to Business Settings in your Business Director and open Requests. Under Entered, you should detect Surepass request and click Authorise.

After you authorize the request, it’s time to corroborate your business, policy, and display name in the Business Director( make sure your display name does not violate WhatsApp Commerce or Business programs and that it follows the guidelines). This is WhatsApp’s way to validate the real identity of a particular business. To do this, navigate again to Business Settings and click Security Centre. Under Verification, click Start Verification.
Do note that the Start Verification will be greyed out until you authorize the “ messaging on behalf of ” request from Surepass or another BSP.

To complete the verification of your business, you’ll need to

  • Enter your business details and click Next
  • Choose your business from the list or None of these match if it’s not on the list
  • Confirm the business details and select from the dropdown menu a phone number to which you have access( you might need to upload sanctioned documents to prove your business is legal) and click Next
  • Conclude whether you want to admit the verification law on your business phone number via phone call or textbook communication, or by dispatch
  • Enter the verification law and click Submit

That’s it! Now all the checks have been done and your BSP can download the name instrument and register the phone number, as well as transfer the first communication on your behalf.

Structure and run your own result(s)
There’s another way to get your business approved and connected with the WhatsApp Business API that does not involve a business result provider. Still, this road is a much more delicate one and will bear quite a substantial quantum of time and programming knowledge on your part. Specifically, you can conclude to run the WhatsApp customer on your own and produce results similar to knot web calls and webhooks yourself. This system is more suitable for inventors.

Surepass is farther than a business result provider

The WhatsApp Business Account for Team Inbox and Marketing or Surepass is not only a sanctioned mate of the most popular messaging app and a business result provider for the WhatsApp Business API.

It also provides businesses with a comprehensive communication platform that allows you and your client support agents to log in contemporaneously from multiple biases and communicate with the public using one and the same WhatsApp number through a single dashboard.

Likewise, Surepass allows your agents to unite, shoot and admit multimedia, produce communication templates, customize customer attributes, as well as cover your KPIs in a grainy form.

Surepass platform provides multiple benefits for businesses

Once you’re ready to check what WhatsApp Business Account for Team Inbox and Marketing can do for your business, feel free to request early access by filling up a simple form then. Also, if you have any questions or enterprises about the platform, don’t be hysterical to ask us on WhatsApp Web on the website or via the app.

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