Our Client faced the challenge of onboarding and verifying the drivers for their E-rickshaws. These E-rickshaw drivers are an essential part of the organization and provide a smooth and safe ride to the passenger. The company works with them on a commission basis, and they are the direct point of contact between the service user and the service provider, the E- rickshaw ride. Therefore, it becomes essential that the services do a background check and onboard verified drivers on their platform.


In this era of modern technology, we are a pioneer in digital KYC and use APIs for that purpose. Our Client needed precisely that. We provided our Client with Driving License, RC verification, identity verification, bank account verification & PAN APIs. Whenever they wanted to onboard a new driver, our APIs would do their magic and verify the DL and relevant Aadhaar information within a few seconds.
For a company aiming to grab the market share, just like our Client, it is essential to cut unnecessary operations costs. We were able to help them efficiently do that. Today, physical KYC services are time-consuming, cumbersome, and use many resources. We did that conveniently and straightforwardly where all the work could be done quickly, thus reducing the operating expenditure.
Services offered by us to the Client:

  • Identity verification of the E-rickshaw drivers.
  • Criminal records check.
  • Address verification.
  • Driving license verification to know if the concerned person is eligible to go or not.
  • Bank account verification to check the bank account owner.
  • RC verification to check if the vehicle is personal/stolen.

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How do we do it?

We are aware of the potential risks that our Client could face. It is crucial that the drivers onboarded have not been involved in any fraudulent activities or behavior in the past. For that, we customized our APIs according to clients’ needs and used real-time KYC and OCR technology to make the process smooth, fast, and risk-free. We check the identities through real-time Aadhaar verification combined with video KYC. We review criminal and civil records, and we also do police verification.
With our APIs, you have to input the ID number into the system, which will give you instant results. We check the inputs through the government as well as the public database. So, the chances of error are almost equivalent to zero.