What is RC Verification?

An Enlistment Testament (RC) is a report that ensures that a vehicle has been enrolled with the pertinent street transport authority. RC check confirms the authenticity and genuineness of a RC Verification .A Enrollment Declaration (RC) is a report that ensures that a vehicle has been enlisted with the pertinent street transport authority. RC confirmation checks the authenticity and legitimacy of a RC The purchaser might confirm through RC check assuming that the vehicle has been formally enlisted.

It also provides information on any debts or liabilities associated with the vehicle. This information assures that the consumer is not entering into any legal or financial concerns with the automobile. 

How is RC online Verification done?

  • Submitting an application: The first step is to complete an application form for RC verification. This may be done online through platforms like Surepass or in person at your local government office.
  • Verification: After the application form is submitted, the authorities verify the information and supporting papers given. They may also conduct an on-site check of the individual’s home to confirm the address.
  • Approval: If the information and documentation submitted are correct and comprehensive, the authorities will approve the RC  procedure and issue a certificate of residence in the third phase.
  • Issuance: Generally, the RC certificate is granted within a few days following approval and can be picked up in person or mailed.

Documents necessary for RC Verification

Some examples of identity proof are: Driver’s license Passport Aadhar card PAN card Power bill Bank statement Rentals agreement

The requirements for the verification process might vary by country and state, therefore it’s important to get specific information by speaking with local officials.

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RC Verify with VAHAN

India’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways created the central electronic database initiative known as VAHAN (Vehicle Registration and Authentication).

It provides real-time access to information regarding registered cars in India, facilitating the RC verification process.

VAHAN is intended for all vehicle-related information, including the vehicle’s owner, make and model, engine number, and RC. It offers a safe environment for determining the validity of RCs.

The primary advantages of RC Verification are the following:

  • Improve security: RC verification enhances security by lowering the danger of fraudulent activities such as money laundering and identity theft.
  • Compliance with regulations: Several regulatory agencies, like the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), need RC verification to avoid financial crimes. Financial firms who do RC  can comply with these rules and avoid penalties.
  • Improved customer experience: Because the verification procedure validates a client’s address and identity, consumers receive their services and goods more swiftly and effectively.

Other benefits include better risk management, more trust, higher data quality, and so on.

How to know RC details with Surepass?

By entering a vehicle’s unique Registration Certificate (RC) number, users can verify and retrieve detailed information about the vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC) through the Vehicle  Verification API, also called the “RC Number Check API” or “Vehicle Number Verification API,” a software interface offered by Surepass Technologies.

Our RTO API is notably useful for applications like insurance verification, RC status, auto history checks, and others since it makes it easier to obtain important information regarding a vehicle’s registration and ownership.

Vehicle Verification API is very efficient and trustworthy, and hence completely capable of functioning in such institutions. When you utilize our RTO APIs, you simply enter the Vehicle RC number, and the system will provide the RC status and result, indicating whether or not the Vehicle RC was granted by the government.

Features of RC Verification with Surepass

The Vehicle RC Verification API has several key features and functionalities, including:

  • RC Verification: Users can undertake real-time verification of a vehicle’s RC by entering its unique RC number into the API for vehicle RC check.
  • Online RC Details: The RTO API gives users access to the most recent information from the Regional Transport Office (RTO) database, assuring correctness and dependability when verifying vehicle numbers.
  • Owner Details: Vehicle The RC Verification API delivers information on the registered Protection Supplier: Data on the insurance agency for the vehicle is available to clients, which works with the handling of cases and the check of protection.
  • Fuel Type: Subtleties on the fuel kind of the vehicle, like petroleum, diesel, electric, or other fuel sources, are remembered for this segment.
  • Police Challan: The RC Verification API can offer information about any pending or previous police challan or penalties linked with the vehicle.
  • Pollution Validity: Users may verify the vehicle’s pollution validity status to ensure that it conforms with environmental standards.
  • Fitness Validity: API provides information about the vehicle’s fitness validity, showing if it fulfils the safety and maintenance criteria necessary for roadworthiness.
  • Financer Details: Users may view information about any financial institution or financer linked with the vehicle, which is useful for loan and asset tracking.
  • Make and model: The API answer includes information on the vehicle’s manufacturer and model.

Why OPT for Us?

Whether you’re an insurance company, law enforcement, or an auto buyer or seller, many industries and use cases can quickly and accurately verify a vehicle’s registration and status with this API.

Customers can improve the process of obtaining vehicle information and making decision-making by integrating Vehicle RC Verification APIs into their applications or systems.

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We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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