UPI ID Verification

UPI or Unified Payment Interface is considered revolutionary in payment system design and was developed by NPCI (National Payment Corporation Of India). UPI makes the digital payment process simple without any interruption. People use UPI to pay bills, make online purchases, receive money etc.

Online transactions are associated with UPI fraud and risk, so UPI ID verification is necessary. Here, in this blog, we will discuss in detail about UPI ID . So, stay there until the end and prevent yourself from fraudulently.

What Is UPI ID Verification and Its Benefits?

UPI Identification Verification is a crucial step in the process of online payments and ensures that the user connected to this UPI ID is legitimate to be able to conduct transactions. Here are some benefits of verifying UPI ID.

Increase Security

It is important to verify UPI IDs for detecting fake transaction IDs. This will confirm that you are sending money to a valid bank account. It will reduce the risk of UPI fraud.

Checks User Legitimacy

By checking the UPI ID, you can confirm that the person making the transaction is the rightful owner of the bank account. It adds an extra layer of protection.

Fraud Prevention

UPI verification detects the fake UPI ID and prevents fake UPI payments. Many fraudsters create fake UPI IDs to access others’ money through illicit means. UPI verification helps in avoiding frauds like this.

These are the reasons that make UPI ID verification an essential process to do before proceeding to transactions.

Why UPI ID Verification Important?

UPI verification is important to keep the financial world safe and secure. Here are some of the important reasons you should know.

  • Ensure Security in Online Transaction

UPI ID verification makes online payments safe by UPI check that only authentic users can make transactions. This prevents unauthorized access and protects against security breaches and UPI fraud.

  • Detects and Prevent UPI Frauds

UPI ID Checks confirm the authenticity of the UPI ID and also confirm the legitimacy of the user. This confirmation ensures that you are sending money to the right ID and the legitimate person to help reduce fraudulent activities such as spoofing and identity theft. UPI verification reduces the chances of potential financial losses.

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How To Verify UPI ID?

There are two ways to check to verify UPI ID, you need to follow these steps.

Open the UPI App on your phone.

Through The APP

  • Now locate the transaction details section, and choose the transaction you want to verify.
  • Review the transaction details, including the amount, name, and UPI ID.
  • Ensure that they match the intended transaction.
  • Enter the UPI PIN, and after that, you will receive a confirmation message from the bank confirming the successful transaction.

Always remember that UPI ID verification alone can’t protect you from all the financial fraud. You need to be aware and never share your UPI PIN with anyone.

Through UPI Verification API

You can use Surepass UPI ID verification API to check the legitimacy of the UPI ID in a few clicks. This API helps you verify the legitimacy of the UPI ID accurately. Here is how you can use this API to verify the UPI ID.

  • Input: Enter the UPI ID
  • Processing: The API will verify UPI ID and fetch the associated details.
  • Output: You will receive whether the UPI ID is valid or not. It will also provide the name for accurate verification.

Using an API for detecting fake UPI transaction IDs is the simplest and quickest method. Apart from UPI API, surepass offers many other APIs for identity verification and customer verification. As a bank or financial institution you can utilize these APIs for document verification, Identity verification, criminal record checks, etc.


UPI ID verification is an important process that ensures the security of online transactions. By confirming the authenticity of UPI IDs users can protect themselves from UPI fraud. You can easily check the UPI ID and detect fake UPI IDs through manual verification on the app or by using the UPI ID verification API. Apart from using UPI verification, it is important to keep aware of the fraud. Never share your credentials and UPI PIN with anyone. Make the verification process your routine to avoid fake UPI payments or fake UPI transactions.


1. How to check If the UPI ID is Genuine or not?

If you want to know whether the UPI ID is real or fake to prevent fake UPI payment, follow these steps,

  • Open the UPI App
  • Go to the transaction Detail section
  • Check details like beneficiary name, ID and amount.
  • Enter the PIN and verify the transaction.

You will receive a message from the bank about the successful transaction if the ID is genuine.

Alternate method

Use UPI ID verification API to quickly verify whether UPI ID details are real or fake with 100% accuracy.

2. What is UPI ID verification API?

It is an application programming interface that allows you to verify UPI ID details from the authentic data source. Just enter the UPI ID to know whether the ID is valid or not and verify the name.

3. How to Identify Fake UPI ID?

To identify fake UPI ID double check the UPI transaction ID details and never share your UPI PIN.

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We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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