Aadhar Card Scanner

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) created the official smartphone application Aadhaar QR Code Scanner to make it possible to scan and validate the data included in the QR code shown on eAadhaar and printed Aadhaar cards (PVC Cards). The UIDAI has digitally signed the QR Code that is created in e-Aadhaar and on Aadhaar cards, and this application can scan the QR Code to display the resident’s masked Aadhaar number, name, date of birth, gender, address, and photograph. After displaying the data, the program will check the cellphone number and email address against the signature and display “Aadhaar Data Verified” as a result.

Aadhaar Scan- its significance 

Since Aadhaar is one of the most significant identity cards in use on the Indian subcontinent, it is essential to have an Aadhaar Verification API. Any person with an Indian passport or an Indian national must have this 12-digit number.

One of the most popular methods of identifying is the Aadhaar API, which is useful in a variety of situations. As a result, using the Aadhaar API becomes essential.

Barcode Aadhar Scan 

The process of reading the QR code inscribed on an Aadhaar card is known as the “Aadhaar barcode scan.” Using a QR code scanner or a smartphone application made for Aadhaar verification, you may quickly and precisely retrieve the vital data about the person included in this QR code. 

QR Code verification

You must have seen the QR Code on the printed Aadhaar. This Aadhaar scanner QR code has been digitally signed and may be used to verify information. Simply launch the QR Code Scanner on your Aadhaar app and scan the Aadhaar that is being shown. A photograph and the demographic information of the Aadhaar bearer will be shown on screen. To confirm identification, you can compare these to the Aadhaar holder.

Aadhaar Verification- Step-by-Step process

 It’s never been simpler to verify Aadhaar Card information. The steps are as follows:

  1. After receiving the link to the inquiry form, go there and enter your information.
  2. The Aadhar verification API must then be incorporated after this.
  3. Fill up the dialogue box with the Aadhar number.
  4. The Aadhar card entered is validated by the API. You can obtain this information.

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Benefits of Aadhar card QR code scanner

Aadhaar verification is made easier by the QR code on an Aadhaar card, which enables instant access to crucial data without laborious data entry. The verification process is streamlined and error-free thanks to it, making it more effective and precise.

  1. Accuracy in Data: When validating or authenticating a person’s identification, Aadhaar QR code scanning replaces the requirement for manual data entry with quick and accurate data entry. By doing this, the likelihood of mistakes is decreased and the information acquired is accurate.
  2. Efficient Know Your Customer (KYC) Process: For companies and financial institutions, scanning an Aadhaar QR code simplifies the KYC procedure. Customer onboarding is made easier, quicker, and more practical for both clients and service providers.
  3. Cost Cuttings: When compared to manual data input techniques, scanning the QR code on an Aadhaar card takes less time. Additionally, it lowers the administrative expenses related to data entry and verification.
  4. Enhanced Security: By lowering the possibility of data entry mistakes and fraud, QR code scanning improves security. The encrypted data included in the QR code is challenging to forge, making it a safe way to confirm someone’s identification.
  5. Reduced Paperwork: By employing Aadhaar QR code scanning for identification verification, businesses and government organisations may produce less paperwork. This helps make the process more effective and ecologically friendly.

Uses of Aadhaar QR code scanner

  • When a person is checking in to board a flight, Aadhaar Verification is there. The Aadhaar Validation API allows for the digitization of the entire process, which makes it faster.
  • A candidate is required to confirm his Aadhaar card when applying for a seat at a national-level entrance test or any other exam utilizing an Entry pass. The authorities and students would both feel less stress if the entire procedure is digitalized by utilising our Aadhaar Verification API. The students are already under a lot of strain.
  • Many resources would be saved if the Aadhaar Validation API is utilized since many buildings, including offices of MNCs and even conventional enterprises, require their personnel to authenticate their presence with the use of their Aadhaar card.
  • First, banks and other financial organizations check a person’s Aadhaar to validate their identity. 

API for Aadhaar Scanning 

Every financial institution or entity that requires an API for the verification of an Aadhaar card must go through the Aadhaar verification API procedure. The most fundamental identity that is required everywhere is this one.

The Aadhaar card, which is issued by the Indian government, has details on your Full Name, Address, Mobile Number, and other information that might be used to verify a person.

Utilization of Aadhaar QR Scan with Surepass

All people who have dealt with scammers can benefit from the Aadhaar authentication API. For those who haven’t, it will be ensured that such a situation won’t arise again. Due to the fact that many individuals have lost money as a result of these cards, Aadhaar API integration may simply protect any organization from unneeded dangers.

The Aadhar card scanner API is a technology that enables businesses to quickly and accurately validate each person’s Aadhaar card.

Online Aadhaar verification is accomplished using an instant Aadhaar verification API, which only requires the user to enter their Aadhaar card information or upload a photo of their card. Using our AI-powered Aadhaar card OCR, we can then extract and validate the data, as opposed to offline verification, which requires time, money, and resources.

Surepass’s Aadhar QR Code Scanner

Any user will benefit in dire situations from the digitization of Aadhaar Verification, i.e., the usage of the Surepass API.

Therefore, implementing the Aadhaar verification would not be difficult for any such organization, building, educational institution, or government entity.

We have made it simple for anyone to implement Aadhar card scanner API; now, it only takes a few clicks to upload a photo. We have other products like Aadhaar to Pan API and Aadhaar Masking API to make your work hassle-free. 

While many services should instantly convert to Aadhaar Verification API services, it would be preferable if they did so in a way that suited their purposes and would conserve their time and efforts.

Automate your KYC Process & reduce Fraud!

We have helped 1000+ companies in reducing their user onboarding TAT by 95%

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