Affidavits & E-Stamping

Affidavit stamp paper is crucial for businesses as it ensures authenticity and legality. But getting a stamp traditionally is a cumbersome process. It consumes both time and money. But we humans love technology and ease out all kinds of our work by using it. Now e stamps are used over the traditional stamping procedure efficiently and conveniently. e Stamping eases the payment of stamp duty and can be done at any time remotely. It is not restricted to time and also does not require physical presence. Here in this guide, you will get information related to e Stamping and why it is better than the traditional one. How to get e Stamping and also about the e stamp online verification for checking the legitimacy of an affidavit and many more. So tuned until the end.

What Is An Affidavit?Grey White Simple Digital Marketing

An affidavit is a written document that contains the signature of the high authority approved by the government. It is like a sworn oath and evidence of the legality of businesses. Traditionally, it was not easy to get an affidavit stamp paper. You need to personally visit the government offices and have to deal with time-consuming paperwork. But to ease this now you can use e stamp affidavit online. To know about e-stamp and online verification stay until the end.

What Is e Stamping And Its Benefits?

e Stamping is an electronic means of notarized affidavit on stamp paper to pay stamp duty to the Government. You can also use e Stamping affidavit online verification to check its validity and use it in many legal processes.

Benefits Of Using E Stamp Over Traditional Affidavit Stamp Paper

Convenient: e-stamp affidavit online is not a time-restricted process. It can be done at any time remotely.

Efficient: It is an instant process and does not require a physical visit to the government office for legal verification and stamping.

Prevent Frauds: e stamp affidavit online is an end-to-end encrypted process with no worry of misuse of documents and online fraud.

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Process To Get E Stamp Affidavit Online 

If you want to do e Stamping for your firm but don’t know the process. Kindly follow the given steps to do e Stamping instead of traditional manual stamping processes.

  • Research Requirements: e Stamping of affidavit requirements depends on the purpose of the affidavit and location. So check the description of the document in e-stamp in the jurisdiction.
  • Find Authorized e Stamping portal: there are many e stamp portals available online but you should choose the government portal and authorized portals for e Stamping.
  • Signup and login: Create an account on the portal and log in.
  • After login find the affidavit form option and carefully fill in the details accurately. Don’t forget to recheck each piece of information with no errors.
  • Proceed to payment: you need to pay the fee for the e stamp. Remember the amount of the fee depends on the affidavit and jurisdiction types.
  • Download e stamp affidavit online: After payment, the portal will generate the e stamp affidavit. Download the affidavit on your device or print it.

This is a simple overview of simple steps anyone can follow for affidavit stamp paper with an e stamp on it. But remember that the process can vary based on the e Stamping platform you are using and on the location. So, it is good to thoroughly check the platforms.

How To Check The Legitimacy Of An E-Stamp Certificate?

It is essential to check the legitimacy of e stamp paper as it ensures its validity. You can do e stamp online verification by following the below steps

  • Search e stamp portals of your state
  • Find the certificate verification or e verification section
  • In the verification section fill in the details like certificate number, date of issue, etc
  • After submitting the details, the portal will display or confirm the validity of the affidavit. This confirmation could be in the form of a verification code, digital signature, or a straightforward message confirming the validity of the certificate.
  • If you didn’t get the confirmation about the legitimacy of the affidavit or have any doubt. Kindly contact the customer support and issuing authority.

How To Find e Stamping In India?

In India e Stamping system the states offer online affidavit stamp paper with e-stamps is offered exclusively to residents of the respective states. People can pay their stamp duty by using e Stamping websites online according to the state.

Payment Methods For e Stamping

  • Account to Account transfer
  • NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer)
  • RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)
  • DD (Demand Draft)
  • Pay Order
  • Online Wallet
  • Credit cards and Debit Card payment

For What Purposes Do Businesses Utilize E-Stamping?

e Stamping can be used by businesses in various places like in finance and loan agreements, leasing agreements, vendor onboarding activities, etc. Here businesses can use online e-stamping on documents for these transactions and make them legal.


Affidavit Stamp papers are crucial components and are required in legal and administrative processes. But getting a stamp on the affidavit is not easy. It consumes too much time and multiple physical visits to Government offices. In some cases, your document can be misused. But e stamps revolutionized and replaced this traditional affidavit stamping. It is an instant process, you just need to visit the official e stamp website to pay the stamp duty. e Stamping is an efficient way to pay stamp duty remotely and saves time as compared to the traditional notarized affidavit on stamp paper.

Currently, states offer online e stamp affidavit online facilities to their native residents. Residents just need to fill out and have to pay the stamp duty online by filling out a form on the online Stamping portal. Many payment methods are available that make transactions easy.


What Is The Concept Of e Stamping?

e Stamping is an online method that a person can use to pay the nonjudicial stamp duty to the government remotely by using e stamp portals.

What Is An E Affidavit?

In simple words, e affidavit is an online affidavit approved by the authorized legal authorities and has the same validity as a manual affidavit stamp paper.

Which Stamp Is Used For The E Affidavit?

A non-Judicial stamp is used for an e affidavit.

What Is The Difference Between E Stamp Paper And Affidavit?

e stamp paper is a legal for legal agreements and determines the stamp duty whereas an affidavit is a sworn statement used as proof in legal cases like lawsuits and family cases.

Is E Stamp Valid?

Yes, an e stamp affidavit online is a valid document that contains the same value as normal affidavit stamp paper. You can use it as proof of stamp duty payment.

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We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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