Discover The Best P2P Lending Platforms

India’s P2P industry has grown rapidly as a result of the digitalization in lending. P2P platforms are intermediaries in India that help connect lenders and loan seekers.

India has seen a rapid increase in P2P loans, which have a positive impact for both lenders as well borrowers. P2P lending platforms in India offer the best opportunity for low-credit applicants who want to borrow money.

P2P is not only beneficial to lenders, but it’s also beneficial to borrowers. Participants in India P2P can assist other borrowers while diversifying their portfolios.

This article will explain how you can find the most advantageous p2p lending in India both for borrowers and lenders.

Best P2P Lending Platforms In India?

The top platforms for P2P loans in India should be known to you if you want to borrow or lend money.


Faircent’s customers, India’s leading P2P platform, number around 35000. Around 35000 of its clients reside in more than 700 cities. India P2P Platform offers small investors an opportunity to make investments ranging anywhere from 50,000 to 50 lakh rupees. The rates of interest are between 10 and 16 percent. Lenders can either receive monthly payments, or invest. Faircent India’s P2P Platform for securing RBI’s NBFC Certificates P2P, is now available.


Finzy P2P offers flexibility and transparency. Investors can only fund verified customers. Lenders do not have access to the data provided by customers. Finzy measures the borrower’s creditworthiness based on several parameters. Dashboards that are visually appealing and track all transactions. Within 48 hours you can fund multiple loans.


Lenden Club has been founded by Bhavin ptel since 2014. One of the most rapidly growing P2P Lending platforms. A base of 1,000,000 customers is its mainstay. Lending Club’s rapid growth is impressive. It helped to facilitate 13,000 crores of investments. This is a great investment because you only need to invest 10,000 rupees. There’s also a 15% rate of interest. It offers flexible payments, and you can withdraw your funds within 24hours.

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Lendbox, India’s leading lending platform, has an impressive user base. With a huge user-base of 50,000 investors and 5.5 million borrowers this platform offers a return on investment of 16 percent.


Liquiloans P2P lenders in India are well-known. This company is well known in India.


i-Lend uses a revolutionary technology to allow you to lend money in India. The investor can only discuss the loan term and interest rate with the borrower on iLend. The deals benefit both investors as well as borrowers. Borrowers have the option to borrow up to Rs. 5 lakhs for as little as 25k. India is one of the best P2P sites.

Rupee Circle

Rupee Circle is a popular option to borrowing money from banks. India’s largest p2p marketplace, Rupee Circle offers investors high returns (up to 30%) and allows borrowers to borrow money from as little as 25k to up to five lakhs.

Cash Kumar

Cash Kumar allows investors to fund the working capital needs of business partners in Tier 2 or 3 cities. Only granting loans for partner businesses, they ensure no financial losses.

This is the conclusion of this article.

P2P Lending in India is growing so fast. In the years to come, this will only continue growing. P2P platform allows investors and borrowers meet their needs for capital while earning high rates of return. The RBI regulates leading platforms, such as Faircent Finzy LenDenClub and LendBox . These platforms offer flexibility and transparency. The risk is that some borrowers might default on the loans. However, these P2P loan platforms contribute to India’s lending market and increase its financial inclusion.


1. How much money can you give to your friend who lives in India?

Ans. RBI sets the limit at 50 lakhs in India for P2P lending.

2. P2P Lending Is Legal in India ?

Ans. India allows P2P financing. Reserve Bank of India is in charge of regulating it.

3. Which is the best lending platform P2P in India?

Ans. On the Internet, there are a number of India P2P platform options with various features. Faircent Finzy LenDenclub and other platforms are available for review.

4. What are the main risks in peer-to-peer lending?

Ans. P2P lending is a risky business because defaulting by the borrower can be a major issue. Even the leading P2P lending companies in India can’t promise returns.

Check out the latest P2P Lending platforms available in India. Start today and get the highest returns possible on your investment.

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