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India has the world’s second-largest internet user base, which has had a direct influence on demand for digital financial services. Indeed, India has emerged as a worldwide fintech giant, ranking third in terms of overall fintech companies (as of 2023). We will list the best fintech companies in India in this article.

According to reports, about 3,085 businesses are now active in the fintech market in India (as of August 2023). Many of these businesses are in the payments industry, followed by lending and wealth management. 

Fintech India

The term “fintech” refers to the combination of finance and technology. Many market participants are utilizing technology to ease financial services such as lending, insurance, investing, trading, and budgeting. 

Many firms in the fintech ecosystem are focused on particular industries as the ecosystem grows. Needless to say, the progress has been nothing short of astounding. 

Consumer lending Fintech companies in India are an important component of the fintech industry. From commercial loans to consumer loans, the demand for credit in India is on the rise. In this part, we shall highlight India’s best fintech lending firms.

Fintech Startups In India

Fintech is a combination of the terms “financial” and “technology”. It refers to any app, software, or technology that enables individuals or organizations to digitally access, manage, or get insight into their accounts or conduct financial transactions.

Fintech emerged during the previous decade as customers increasingly accepted digital tools to assist them handle financial difficulties and advance towards financial objectives. As a result, people have grown to rely on fintech for a variety of purposes, including banking, budgeting, investing, and lending, as well as practical everyday advantages.

According to Plaid’s Fintech Effect, customers perceive a variety of benefits from utilizing fintech, including financial alleviation, time savings, and less stress.

Top Fintech Companies In India

Surepass Technologies 

Surepass provides a variety of Business and ID Verification APIs, including the PAN Verification API and the Bank Account Verification API. Surepass provides the best Identity Verification API available on the market. Our online identity verification APIs are extremely fast and error-free. Our APIs may be used to conduct background checks and ensure that identity proof is authentic, valid, and given by the authorized authorities.

Surepass APIs provide the simplest way for companies to sign up verified customers.It provides essential tools for software development and enables various systems and applications to connect with one another. Our APIs serve a wide range of industries, and excellent quality and affordable pricing are assured. 

As a result, Surepass provides a standardized way of communication between diverse software components, which are used for a wide range of jobs in the technology sector. Because of Surepass’ versatility, Google chose it as their identity verification API provider.

Services Surepass API Solutions provide an easy-to-use interface and identity verification APIs for seamless integration. Any online shop who has been or may become a victim of fraudulent cards would benefit from the approach provided by our APIs. Such scams will be immediately detected using Surepass ID Verification APIs. 

Surepass provides some of the following services:

Onboard users in real-time using Video KYC, which includes OCR and offline AAdhaar verification. 

  • Transactions- Up to 24 months of categorized data via SMS and bank statement. 
  • Identity- Verify user details with multiple IDs, including Aadhaar.
  • Income- Employer information and repository data via EPF and Income Tax Return
  • Signature- Now e-sign your documents digitally using Surepass.
  • Collection- eNach and real-time mandates, combined with bank validation. 
  • Digilocker APIs: Pull validated documents with our APIs and Web SDK.
  • Business- Analyze firms by taking out submitted paperwork on MCA Due Diligence.

We make it simpler for businesses to onboard customers by providing Real-time ID verification APIs, Digital KYC, Document OCR, and a plethora of additional APIs that may greatly speed up user onboarding while saving time and money for businesses that utilize our APIs. 

In addition to the simplicity of use and minimum downtime of our APIs, our business partners see us as the best API provider because of our speedy partner onboarding. We offer the most competitive cost for the quality of APIs we supply.


LendingKart is an extremely popular lending platform in India. Its primary business offerings may be classified into four broad areas.

  • Business Loan – Lending Kart grants company loans worth up to 2 crores in 5 minutes. Above all, they offer unsecured loans with no collateral or security. More significantly, they provide reasonable interest rates with no hidden charges.
  • Working Capital Loans- are tailored capital loans for SMEs to satisfy their operational needs. These loans assist small firms in meeting their operating expenditures during a period of low earnings. 
  • MSME/SME Loans- Short-term loans are available to small and medium-sized firms, as well as female entrepreneurs. However, the period of the loan is determined by the lender.
  • Business Loan For Women- LendingKart guarantees fair loan approval regardless of gender, caste, or color. The loan approval is based on Big Data technology and business analytics. 


Blacksoil is a cutting-edge lending platform that supports fast-growing businesses. It provides personalized finance solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, startups, and experienced developers and promoters. Their primary offers are alternative credit and real estate financing.

Alternative credit is a customized and adaptable financial instrument. They can be industry-agnostic, with various payback terms and transaction formats. 

India is experiencing an increasing urban housing scarcity. This issue may be worsened by the fact that 40% of India’s population may reside in cities by 2030. In response, Blacksoil offers financial assistance to real estate development partners in Tier 1 cities. 

SATYA Microcapital

SATYA Microcapital’s products seek to meet the credit needs of the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’ sector. They assist them to raise working money. As a result, they will be empowered both financially and socially.

  •  Limited Liability Loans- This category uses the Joint Liability Group (JLG) financing mechanism. Basically, a group of people takes out a loan collectively to generate money. Then, each member of the group is equally accountable for repayment. 
  • Consumer Durable Loans- These loans are intended to assist clients in purchasing consumer durable products. For example, freezers, mixers, mobile phones, and so on. SATYA provides hassle-free repayment choices with low EMIs.
  • Micro Business Loans- These loans are primarily aimed at the MSME category. The objectives are to promote economic growth and contribute to India’s vision of Atma Nirbhar Bharat (self-sufficient India). These loans are unsecured by nature. Furthermore, the loan is disbursed based on the type of the collateral and the ticket size.
  • Individual Micro Loans- These loans are for any personal use. It might range from a home renovation to developing a small company.


Policybazaar is one of the most well-known insurance fintech companies in India. Their wide portfolio, along with an easy-to-use platform, has made it the preferred choice among insurance fintech companies in India. Policybazaar provides practically every insurance product on the market. However, the following are their most popular offerings:

  • Term life insurance- It is paid for a certain period of time each year. It provides more insurance coverage at reduced premium costs. Besides, Policybazaar provides insurance for travel, house, income loss, defense personnel, pets, and more.
  • Health Insurance- Affordable medical insurance for a fee that covers operations, hospitalization, nursery procedures, and more.
  • Motor insurance- It is a coverage that protects vehicles from unanticipated damages.


Acko specializes in insurance for automobiles and consumer durable items. Customers have used their extensive tools and shopping recommendations to get the perfect auto, bike, health, and electronics insurance.

Furthermore, they have developed more specialized services for various use cases. For example, in the automobile insurance area, they provide comprehensive, third-party, and commercial car insurance.


Gagan Maini and Subrat Pani, veterans in the fintech sector, launched OneAssist. It provides speedy repairs for consumer durable equipment such as televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, and much more. 

Their USP is that their technicians are qualified professionals, and their app provides real-time tracking. Apart from that, they provide identity and card fraud insurance. They provide digital protection and dark web surveillance. Furthermore, they provide identity theft warnings and emergency support. 

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Zerodha, one of India’s biggest fintech startups, provides an online platform for investing in equities, mutual funds, derivatives, and other assets. 

Kite is part of their smart trading platform portfolio. It is a flagship platform that simplifies market data and delivers it in the form of charts and an easy-to-understand user interface.  The Zerodha interface provides users with valuable insights into their investments through excellent visualization. Customers can also acquire mutual funds without paying any commissions. In reality, it may be sent directly to the customer’s Demat account. 

Zerodha allows clients to invest in:

  • Stocks Futures and Options
  • Options include direct mutual funds, initial public offerings, and gift stocks.
  • Government Securities and Sovereign Gold Bond


WazirX is a very popular financial company in India. It is a platform for exchanging bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They provide secure services by conducting frequent security audits. Furthermore, they have speedier sign-up processes since they employ identity verification technologies to complete KYC requirements.

Their trading platform is available via the web and mobile apps. Furthermore, WazirX’s infrastructure is hyper-scalable, allowing them to meet rising demand in seconds. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface includes graphs and visualizations to enhance the trading experience.


Today, practically every transaction is completed using a different method of payment. Here, a budgeting app is required for reporting. Monefy assists its consumers in tracking money by breaking it down in an accessible and clear method.

In reality, this allows clients to discover their purchasing habits and begin efficiently conserving money. Furthermore, clients may organize costs into pre-existing categories or build their own. 

Fintech In India 

Any organization providing fintech services must be registered with the RBI. No NBFC can establish a company without first getting RBI registration under Section 45-IA of the RBI Act.


Disclaimer: This information was obtained from several web sources and is provided solely for informational purposes. Surepass Technologies makes no recommendation or promotion for anything on this page. Please double-check the info before acting on it.

Automate your KYC Process & reduce Frauds!

We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Frauds by 95%

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