About The Company

This India’s leading food delivery company started its innovative journey in 2008. After that, it has shown exponential growth and acquired many platforms. Currently, it is a well-known multi-national company that delivers food in 1000+ cities in India and other countries. This startup started with 2 founding members now they have thousands of employees. This company is user-centric and understands the user mindset over food and their problem of travelling. Now anyone, even from the village can order their favorite meal online only because of this app.

challenges facedOnboarding Challenges

Food delivery requires a lot of riders, especially authentic riders to keep security. India’s leading food delivery app was facing challenges in rider onboarding and verification. Potential Challenges

  • Identity Theft by Riders
  • Authentic ID Verification.

After understanding the issues faced by the company our team has recommended appropriate APIs. You will learn about the APIs and outcomes clients achieved after utilizing our Surepass APIs.

Surepass API’s Excellent Solution

Surepass simplified onboarding and rider verification for the listed food delivery app. This biggest food delivery company uses our multiple APIs such as Aadhaar Pan Verification APIs. Here is how Surepass helps this company

  • Streamline Onboarding to ensure safety and security
  • Multiple APIs for riders’ onboarding and verification
  • Give access to proprietary databases to screen for any criminal records, and conducted PennyDrop bank account checks to mitigate financial risks


This India’s leading food delivery app is in our happy client portfolio. It has found our services extremely helpful in reducing the issues related to verification and onboarding. Our access to secured government and private databases helps them to onboard riders from various locations in India accurately.


By adding appropriate APIs to India’s leading Food delivery App onboarding process. We help our clients eliminate the potential risk of identity theft by riders. Our API helps listed food delivery apps to save extra time that goes through the verification process and removes manual verification and data entry errors.

Key Outcomes

Key Outcomes

Before the incorporation of Surepass APIs company was facing challenges. It has to spend money and time on manual verification. After using our APIs our client gets the following benefits

  • Faster onboarding and Verification
  • Complete Elimination of Identity theft
  • Enhanced security

Our API helped the company simplify its onboarding process and increased overall work efficiency. With trustable riders and responsible employees, India’s leading food delivery app company is growing day by day.

Why Choose Surepass?

Surepass is a leading OCR and API provider in India. It offers government databases for accurate verification. You can check and verify the authenticity of a person or an organization in a few seconds using Surepass APIs whether you want to conduct a background check, criminal record check, etc. Surepass has tailored API according to the purpose. Surepass is a renowned API provider that sells API to top-notch companies of various sectors such as financial institutions, NBFCs, Hospitals, and apps. Surepass makes the onboarding process simpler and easier.

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Aadhaar Verification API

PAN Verification API

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