WhatsApp Business API Provider

WhatsApp is an online messaging App that has a monthly active user rate of 3.3 billion. You can use WhatsApp to connect with the potential customer. WhatsApp Business API is an important tool to incorporate in business for marketing and targeting customers. In simple words, businesses can use this API to send automated messages to customers. It helps businesses to reach their targeted customer. In the following guide, we have shared the 6 best WhatsApp Business API Provider in India.

6 Best WhatsApp Business API Providers

You can unlock all the significant potential of WhatsApp with a reliable WhatsApp Business API. We have shared the list of the best WhatsApp API providers in India. All these API providers are capable and quickly connecting you with the customers, strengthening relationships, and new opportunities. After conducting thorough testing on features, ease of use, customer support, ratings etc. we have provided you with the list. Which is given below

1. Surepass

Surepass is at the top of the list and is considered the best WhatsApp Business API Provider in India. offers WhatsApp API for business. Its API easily integrates into the CRMs like Salesforce, amoCRM, Hubspot, etc. You instantly send mass messages with WhatsApp templates for business promotion. It offers Advanced chatbots. These chatbots add automation to sales lead management. With Surepass WhatsApp API is good for selling products and promoting sales. It is also the cheapest WhatsApp API India that offers affordable plans with high credits. Apart from the WhatsApp Business API, it offers many APIs for identity verification and customer onboarding.

2. Notbot.in

Notbot is a reputed and one of the best WhatsApp Business API Providers in India. It offers comprehensive features for promoting business on WhatsApp. It provides interactive chatbots to engage with the audience at any time. Notbot helps you organize and manage contacts efficiently in CRM that make targeted communication and campaigns. You can seamlessly message and broadcast with a template and detailed analytics tracking. It offers drag and drop automation builder that automates workflows.

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3. Callhippo

Callhippo is a WhatsApp Business API Provider that helps businesses transform communication with user-friendliness. Its API easily integrates with the existing system. This WhatsApp API provider supports two-way WhatsApp messaging. It is enriched with customizable templates and multimedia content. It helps in establishing diverse communication needs. It offers features including call monitoring, VoIP numbers, recording capabilities, etc. It is an appealing platform, that offers businesses an effective communication channel.

4. BotSpace

Botspace is a good WhatsApp Business API Provider in India that focuses on reshaping customer-company interactions. It offers a user-friendly interface and seamlessly with existing business systems. This WhatsApp API for business offers features like live chat, reporting tools, broadcast messages, API integration, webhooks, and surveys.

5. Zoko

Zoko is a modern WhatsApp Business APIProvider, that helps companies enhance their marketing strategy. It offers tools to boost business communication whether you want to enhance customer interaction or improve marketing and support. Its key features include a WhatsApp chat widget, auto chat distribution, customer tags and agent analytics.

6. Twilio

Twilio is a WhatsApp Business API Provider, it is a powerful cloud communication tool that allows you to send and receive messages, set automated responses and manage WhatsApp interaction to boost sales engagement. It is the best WhatsApp API, you can send personalized WhatsApp messages, images and videos.


Choosing the right WhatsApp API platforms that offer the largest customer base to interact with. It helps businesses effectively engage with customers, enhance marketing and improve support. We have Shared the list of the best WhatsApp Business API Providers in India. This list includes Surepass, Notbot.in, CallHippo, BotSpace, Zoko, and Twilio.  Each WhatsApp API provider in India offers unique features. Surepass and Notbot.in offer the best WhatsApp business API for businesses that offer a comprehensive range of tools for promoting business. Surepass is also the cheapest WhatsApp API in India, it offers all useful features in an affordable price range.


1. Is WhatsApp Business API for Free?

Many WhatsApp API provider in India offer some free credits. However, if you want to access all the features buying a plan from a reputed WhatsApp API provider will be good for marketing.

2. Is WhatsApp Business API Safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to use WhatsApp API for business but you should use services from a reputed API provider like Surepass.

3. Which API Is Used For WhatsApp?

API like Surepass WhatsApp Business API is the best to use for WhatsApp. It will help you automate and manage the message. You rely on this WhatsApp API for business for WhatsApp marketing.

4. What is the price of WhatsApp API in India?

There are many best WhatsApp API provider in India however when it comes to unique features and affordable pricing Surepass and Notbot. In is best to incorporate in your business.

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We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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