Court Record

Verification API

Court record check API offers the latest information and the current status of any pending or disposed case by any court in the country. The required information is collected by the authorised and accurate database of the concerned courts.

Surepass Court check API easily tracks the current status of any case in any city of India easily using our court case status API.


Court record checks are performed prior to hiring an employee as part of a thorough criminal background check

While online criminal record verification in India accelerates the process, bear in mind that online court documents are still not acknowledged as official court records. They are offered for academic purposes only and it may contain errors and omissions.

With a court record check API in place, one can get access to information as required. Besides affordable rates and infrastructure support,court check API can also help you troubleshoot in case of any technical errors.


Surepass Court Record Check API Features

Prevent Fraud

Prevent Fraud

Court record check API saves any institution that has been and can be a victim of identity frauds.

Prevent human errors

Automatic Form-filling automation reduces errors associated with manual data entry.


Safe, professional environment

Surepass court check API prevents the risk of physical or emotional harm and is a preventive measure to curb mishaps.


Frequently asked questions about
Court Check API

Why should you use the Court record verification API?

Court record verification API is a robust system that enables an enterprise to authenticate any with the highest accuracy in record time by extracting data in no time.

How does the Court record verification API help you?

Instead of rushing to courts at every interval with Surepass Court record verification API you can now get the data from the comfort of your home computer or mobile phone without even forming a queue.

What happens after the data has been extracted with the Court check API?

The data is then validated in accordance with government standards, and a validation statement is provided.

Do you store any data?

Aside from legal procedures, no history is preserved on the server. All data is merely parsed and handed back to the requester.

Is the data real-time?

Yes, the data is extracted instantaneously from the courts’ online platforms.

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