Do you want to know how to integrate WhatsApp into your website? How about WhatsApp for websites?
If you’re here, these are probably some of your thoughts. We will answer all of your questions about WhatsApp for websites and how to grow your business with the WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp, with over 2 billion MAU (monthly active users), is without a doubt the best channel for all of your marketing needs.
Surepass enables you to reach out to your customers, broadcast offers and promotions, provide customer support via Chatbots / Live Chat, reduce RTO (return to origin), receive repeat orders, and more by leveraging the true power of WhatsApp Business API.

There are three ways to use WhatsApp for websites:

1. Including a personalized WhatsApp chat button (widget) on the website
2. Adding a popup form to the website to collect customers’ WhatsApp numbers
3. The WhatsApp Business API is being used to connect with customers in real-time

Website WhatsApp Chat Button(Widget) Customized

WhatsApp Chat Button Customization
The simplest way to use WhatsApp on a website is to include a custom WhatsApp chat button (widget). This is completely free and can be generated in a matter of minutes using Surepass.

Businesses that have a WhatsApp chat button have an advantage when it comes to consumer trust. The simple reason for this is that customers can contact businesses by clicking on the WhatsApp Button icon on their website, which launches a WhatsApp conversation window.

The WhatsApp chat button operates in a very straightforward manner. You can get a simple Javascript code to embed in the footer of your website by using Surepass’s WhatsApp Button Generator Tool. Learn how to make a WhatsApp Button with Surepass.

Using this WhatsApp button strategy for your website, you can easily obtain the customer’s name and phone number and grow your business on WhatsApp. We recommend using our full WhatsApp Engagement & Marketing Suite to get the most out of this strategy.
You get the customer’s opt-in for future WhatsApp updates, notifications, and more with Surepass, in addition to their WhatsApp number and name.

Businesses are finding it difficult to manage bulk messages. Businesses will find it difficult to broadcast promotional offers to more than 256 contacts via the WhatsApp Business mobile app.

Businesses can use Surepass to communicate with up to 1 lakh contacts in a single broadcast list. This is the best possible use case for leveraging Surepass’s power to grow your business on WhatsApp.

Integration of Popup forms for generating WhatsApp Leads

On your website, use WhatsApp Lead Generation popups.
This is the second method of leveraging WhatsApp’s power for websites and growing business on WhatsApp. This can be accomplished by utilising some of the market’s freemium tools, such as Mailchimp, Zoho Forms, Hubspot, and others.
Popup forms are simple to create and integrate into your company’s website. This would allow you to build a database of potential customers who are interested in your product and have visited your website.

Collecting the visitor’s WhatsApp number, in addition to the user’s name and email address, will always come in handy in emergency situations.

  • Once you have a minimum number of customers in your database, you can begin using various marketing strategies to increase your sales, get more visits, demo sign-ups, and so on.
  • Once you’ve built your WhatsApp list, there are numerous ways to get around marketing. In general, there are three options after this
  • Using Surepass to broadcast new product launches, new categories, and so on.

Create a weekly or monthly newsletter and distribute it via WhatsApp. (To learn more about how to use Surepass to broadcast messages to an unlimited number of customers on WhatsApp without being blocked, click here.)
Surepass can be used to broadcast retargeting promotional campaigns in order to increase orders or sales.

WhatsApp is unquestionably the market leader in the communications segment, with over 98 percent open rates and 45-60 percent click-through rates.
When you reach out to your customers where they spend the majority of their screen time, you are always creating a win-win situation for your business to grow on WhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp Business API to drive Engagement

The most common method of using WhatsApp for websites is to apply for the WhatsApp Business API. This has many advantages, such as bulk message broadcasting to an unlimited number of customers, higher click-through rates than SMS or emails, live human chat on multiple devices, installing chatbots for 24X7 customer support, and so on.

Surepass allows you to get WhatsApp Business API in 10 minutes (for free), as well as the option to get Green Tick verification on WhatsApp. Click here to learn more about WhatsApp Business API.

Some of the key benefits of obtaining WhatsApp Business API through Surepass include:

    • Get the WhatsApp Business API for free; use integrations to automate notifications for events such as order confirmation/shipping, delivery updates, payment reminders/links, and so on.
    • Provide Live Human Chat support on an unlimited number of devices (PCs, smartphones, and tablets)
    • Apply for free WhatsApp verified business status (Green Tick), which increases customer trust
    • Using Surepass, you can send offers to an unlimited number of customers in a single day
    • Install chatbots to be available to your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week



So there you have it: three simple ways to use WhatsApp for websites. WhatsApp. We hope this blog has assisted you in determining the best WhatsApp implementation strategies for your website. If it did, please spread the word!

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