Permanent Account Number (PAN), the ten-digit alphanumeric ID issued by the Income Tax Department, serves as both an ID proof and one of the necessary documents when it comes to tax matters, such as filing tax returns and other tax-assessment issues. The department that issues the unique ID conducts third-party verification to cross-check the identity and address of PAN applicants, as well as the authenticity of documents provided as valid proofs for PAN application.

Individuals and entities can now verify their PAN online from the comfort of their own homes. The service is referred to as PAN verification or Know Your PAN. Furthermore, three methods of PAN card verification via the internet are listed below:

  1. File-based PAN Card Verification: Larger organizations or governments will typically use this mode to verify up to 1,000 PAN cards at a time.
  2. Screen-Based PAN Card Verification: This process can verify up to 5 PAN cards at once. Users must also enter a maximum of 5 PANs into the boxes on the screen before clicking the submit button. The response screen will display the response with PAN details.
  3. Software (API)-Based PAN Card Verification: A person can verify his or her PAN online by visiting the verification portal using a software application.

How to verify a PAN Card online? 

PAN holders can now verify their PAN cards online without visiting the income tax office by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Go to the Income Tax E-filing Portal and sign in to your account.
  2. Go to Profile Settings and then select My Profile to view the details.
  3. Enter your information here, including your full name, date of birth, and PAN number.
  4. Now, you must specify whether your PAN card is for an individual, a company, or a HUF, among other things.
  5. Finally, enter the captcha that appears on the site and press the submit button.
  6. Your PAN card and verification status will then be displayed.

How does Surepass help you?

PAN Card Verification with Surepass API instantly validates PAN Card details by confirming them in the Government database.

This makes your onboarding process more efficient, secure, and intelligent. Surepass PAN verification ensures that the individuals or merchants you onboard have a valid PAN card and have provided you with the appropriate identity proof.