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Verification API

UAE Doctor Verification API  extracts data of Doctors instantly and accurately. Surepass Doctor Verification API verifies the identity proof of the doctor’s medical certificates.

Surepass Doctor Verification API helps prevent identity fraud through accurate and reliable verifications all you need to provide is a registration number as input, and our API verifies if a registration number is correct along with all the other info about a doctor enclosed in the certificate.


Now validate a doctor against the Emirates Medical Association using the doctor license number. With Surepass’ s Doctor verification API, users can easily verify whether a doctor’s license has been issued by the Emirates Medical Association, the regulatory body responsible for licensing and regulating medical professionals in the United Arab Emirates.

The API allows for quick and easy verification of a doctor’s license number, enabling healthcare providers to ensure that their staff and partners are fully licensed and authorized to practice medicine in their respective fields. The API is easy to integrate into existing systems and workflows, and can be accessed via a user-friendly interface or integrated directly into existing applications. With its robust functionality and powerful features, Surepass’ s Doctor verification API is the ideal solution for any organization looking to streamline their medical credentialing process.


Benefits of Verifying with our API

Prevent Fraud

Tackle fraud at source

Identify if a doctors medical certificate is fraudulent.

Summarise past activity

Identify the type of activities that have taken place over a period of time.


Tech-driven detection

Detect any anomalies with advanced Machine learning trained models for superior action detection.


Frequently asked questions about
UAE Doctor Verification API

Why should you use the Surepass Doctor Verification API?

Surepass Doctor Verification API For UAE is a robust system that enables an enterprise to authenticate any doctor’s identity with the highest accuracy in record time by extracting data from the department.

How does the Surepass Doctor Verification API function?

It’s very easy to verify from Doctor Verification API, all you need to do is provide medical license number of the doctor as input.

Why is Surepass Doctor Verification API faster than manual data entry?

Our Surepass Doctor Verification API helps businesses by filling in the fields automatically in seconds.

Is the Surepass UAE Doctor Verification API prone to mistakes?

Yes, our Doctor Verification API is prone to errors, but those errors are less than 0.01 percent because our API has been trained on a data set of over a million IDs.

How much time does Surepass doctor verification take?

UAE Doctor Verification API collects doctor details in no time and provides you with the results instantly .

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