What would you choose among the communication applications now available on the market for private conversations with family and friends? We’re confident that WhatsApp will be among your top three communication apps. Not only you, but more than 2 billion others worldwide share this opinion. It is quick, safe, and accessible. Even brands have been using WhatsApp Business API for business communication due to factors like these.

Why do brands use WhatsApp solutions for business?

They are appearing on platforms that people already enjoy using is the best approach to connect with them. This explains why brands are using WhatsApp more frequently. In 2018, WhatsApp Business caught everyone off guard, and by 2021, it had developed into a game-changer, surpassing traditional channels for sales and marketing. For major firms, WhatsApp business solutions open the door to an efficient yet less intrusive way of connecting with clients who check their phones frequently throughout the day. Still, they may be reluctant to answer calls from businesses. According to Nielsen statistics, 56% of consumers said they would instead message customer service than make a phone call.

Create a branded identity

WhatsApp for business communication aids brands in developing a distinctive and alluring character in an increasingly digital age where a company’s online presence and the client experience are crucial. More than 15 million people utilise WhatsApp Business in India alone. In addition, more than three million businesses are using the WhatsApp Business API, for example, to expand and bolster their online presence.

Your users are demanding and curious

More and more companies realise that their clients want more information. They are not just curious; they are also pushy and impatient. Every firm has a chance in this situation, so companies use WhatsApp business solutions. It enables your company to operate continuously and give your valued consumers prompt responses. For instance, your WhatsApp for Business support account may manage hundreds of customer inquiries concurrently, saving you from repeatedly responding to routine or predictable questions. At the same time, your users are content that they received the appropriate information at the right moment.

Enhance the trust factor

You may increase your users’ trust in you by adding verified badges and logos to your business account. Privacy and data theft were frequent issues in the absence of such verifications. No longer.

The communication is signal protocol encrypted and, therefore, secure if you opt to assign the management of your WhatsApp Business API endpoint to an official WhatsApp solution provider like Surepass.

Get creative and user-friendly.

Humans now have an average attention span of eight seconds, down from twelve seconds in the first half of the twenty-first century, and a maximum of about twenty minutes. Businesses that don’t use creativity and engagement risk losing their potential clients.

Therefore, it makes sense to use WhatsApp for business communications. Consider this. Your company may share slides, movies, and images and get creative with multimedia with a WhatsApp corporate account. It gives you more time to converse with them and win them over by keeping them busy and interested.

Go global and grow your business

You know that WhatsApp business solutions apply to all markets and niches.
You may utilise WhatsApp for business communication and get tremendous benefits whether you work in the ed-tech, hospitality, travel, OTT, healthcare, gaming, real estate, BFSI, or e-commerce sectors.

WhatsApp is the most popular worldwide communication platform, operating in 180 countries and handling 60 billion messages daily. It is widely used and offers numerous advantages because it is free and preinstalled on practically all smartphones.

The benefits?

  • On the end-user side, there was a 49 per cent increase in Gift Card sales conversion
  • Reduction in request cost when compared to other campaigns and channels was by 50 per cent
  • For the restaurant, there was a 68 per cent reduction in the cost of onboarding new restaurants1
  • A 70 per cent reduction in delivery service costs for the delivery agents
  • About 91 per cent of customers were satisfied with the delivery


Numerous customer success stories exist! Are you up for it?

To quickly improve customer experience, efficiency, and cost savings, Surepass assists businesses in accelerating the use of WhatsApp and chatbots.


Can a company use an existing WhatsApp phone number?
You can use that phone number if it isn’t associated with a WhatsApp Business API.

Can a single phone number be utilised for many WhatsApp Business API Clients?

No, you can only have one active instance of the WhatsApp Business API Client for a particular phone number at any moment. So the first fails, and you must register for another one.

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