Over the last decade, the number of frauds related to false employment and cheating in the name of job guarantees by Fraud/Unregistered Companies has increased a lot so Recruiter Verification has become most crucial for HR Companies before they allow the companies to post for jobs.

Traditionally company Onboarding has been a manual process that included time-consuming paperwork which needed to be filled out by the Companies. Post that the process included a long wait for Approval as the HR Companies had to vet and verify each company manually before they can allow them to post the Job.


Company Drop-offs: Some of the companies didn’t fill up the long forms as it is a very mundane & tiring task, so they leave the form in-between and never come back and try to find out some other Job Portal or Company which provides them an easier/faster Onboarding process.

Company Verification failure: The person filling up the form might not have the proper information about the company or might make a mistake while filling up the form so when the form gets submitted to the Job Portal it might get rejected due to wrong information.

High Cost: Since the Verification process is done manually by the employees of the Recruitment Company so when the number of companies applying for the Job postings increases it increases the cost for the Recruitment company as the recruitment company needs to increase the number of employees to verify more applications.

Higher TAT: The form filling and the verification process both are manual, so the overall TAT of the company onboarding process increases by a lot which in turn leads to a lesser number of Company Onboarding.

Physical Storage of Documents: The recruitment company may also need to store some physical documents that they have collected as proof of business from these companies.

Expected Outcome:

  • Fewer Company drop-offs
  • High Company verification ratio
  • Decrease the Company onboarding cost
  • Faster TAT
  • User-friendly Company Onboarding


Proposed Solution:

1. Company Verification APIs:

  • Company Auto-fill
  • CIN Verification
  • DIN Verification

2. MSME Verification APIs:



1. Company drop-off was reduced by 60%


The recruiter does not need to fill in any data.

Auto-fill facilitates the data as soon as the recruiter enters the Company Name or Company Registration Number.

2. Company verification ratio increased by 80%


The APIs verify the company in real time by verifying the data directly from the Govt. Sources.

Even if the recruiter enters the wrong info, the API can check and ask the recruiter to enter the info again which also increases the chances of Approval due to the law of volume.

3. Company On-boarding & Verification costs decreased by 90%


The APIs are 90% cheaper when compared to the salary of a person who verifies the Companies manually.

There is no need to pay any other 3rd party vendors for different Verifications as all the verifications can be done in real-time using Surepass’ APIs.

There is no need to store any physical documents.

4. Decreased the TAT from 2-3 days to 2 mins


The APIs provided by Surepass are Real-time so the recruiter gets Verified automatically as soon as they enter the right information.

Since the APIs verify the user automatically, there is no need for Manual checking and approval. As soon as APIs verify the recruiter the Onboarding is completed.

Why use Surepass’ APIs?

Plug & Play: Our APIs are straightforward and integration is effortless, We provide a simple and user-friendly interface.

Accurate & Reliable: Our system checks the information from the Govt. departments. Therefore, the results are always correct and legit.

Robust Infra: Our APIs are built on robust infrastructure with multiple fallbacks which keeps the APIs working even if one of the servers goes down.