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A Permanent Account Number also known as PAN is a must have document for any taxpayer. All those who earn or receive an income, are liable to pay taxes on it. Every individual needs to have their PAN card in order to become an eligible tax payer. Also, to open a bank account, be it savings or current account, a PAN card is needed. For the tax paying as well as loan purposes their PAN card is verified to make sure that the individual is legitimate and has not been involved in any fraudulent activities.

PAN Verification API


Our Advanced AI based PAN Verification APIs have been developed and trained using millions of dataset to detect fraud and forgery within milli-seconds. Our PAN verification APIs OCR has been trained using millions of data points making our Anti-spoof tech Bank Grade. When you use our APIs for the same, you just have to upload the PAN and the system will give you the result and tell you if the PAN is valid and is issued by the government or not.

This can be used by various banks, NBFCs and other financial institutions before giving loans to any individual. SurePass’ PAN verification APIs are well tested and trusted by a lot of our service users. Using our APIs online PAN verification, you can save your time, energy and money and also get instant results.


Benefits of Verifying with our API


Our system checks various data points to make sure that the PAN is legit. Therefore, the results are highly accurate.

Prevent Fraud

Easy process

Upload the PAN and get the results. No unnecessary steps required.


Only verified PAN holders

Comes in handy when you have to provide a loan to a person.


Frequently asked questions about
PAN Verification API

What is a PAN verification API?

PAN verification API is a system which helps an enterprise to authenticate the PAN card of any individual with highest accuracy in record time.


How does PAN Card verification API works?

The user uploads the PAN card, then our APIs fetch the data from the PAN card & then the data is sent back to your system which can then use it to verify the details of the user.

What are the attributes that we can verify using the PAN Card API?

You can check the validity of the PAN Card and can also check if the data provided by the user matches with the data present on PAN.

What are the requirements for PAN verification API to work?

PAN authentication can be done by uploading a photograph of the PAN Card which then gets scanned by using our AI based PAN card OCR.

How many types of PAN card verification APIs are there?

PAN verification APIs are mainly of two types. One is PAN verification API lite another is PAN verification API Advance.

How much time does it take to verify a PAN Card?

SurePass is the best online PAN card API provider in the market which allows you to do PAN card verification in less than a second.

Why is online PAN verification faster than offline PAN verification?

The online PAN verification is done by using an instant PAN verification API where the user just needs to upload the PAN Card or they can simply upload a photo of a PAN, and then using our PAN card OCR, we can extract the data and validate it.

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