Fraudsters can use stolen IDs to create fake identities and achieve various illicit goals. Underage users may attempt to circumvent age restrictions to access adult control. Meanwhile, undetected PEPs and sanctions individuals can result in severe compliance-related penalties.

Surepass is a technology company that assists businesses in verifying clients and remaining compliant with changing regulations.

A glance at a user’s profile isn’t always enough to determine whether or not you can use onboard them in a compliant manner. To be completely safe, proper customer due diligence is required, including document verification, biometric checks, sanctions, and PEP screening.

Surepass API verification solution includes the following features to protect businesses from fraudsters, PEPs, sanctioned individuals, and other problematic users:

  1. Facial biometrics (liveness and face match)—Performs real-time biometric checks to ensure that the correct document holder is present during verification.
  2. Security features and screen recapture check—Screens documents for security features (stamps, holograms, watermarks) and detect graphic editing.
  3. Screenshot and screen recapture verification—Ensures that genuine photographs are submitted rather than screenshots or screen recaptured images.
  4. Behavioural risk score—Uses device fingerprinting to detect suspicious user configurations and location mismatches.
  5. Blocklist check—Identifies fraudsters by comparing them to an internal database of blocked and banned individuals.

Automate your KYC Process & reduce Frauds!

We have helped 200+ companies in reducing their user onboarding TAT by 95%

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Streamline your KYC/AML procedure to provide clients faster access to your service while reducing fraud

Why do businesses rely on Surepass API?

Our primary goal is to make the Customer Journey as simple as possible.
Surepass API, on the other hand, aims to fill gaps in the customer journey with a solutions suite that is a unique blend of human intelligence and machine learning.
Our products support a comprehensive lifecycle, from onboarding to profiling to transaction fulfilment to monitoring. We cater to the most use cases in the various industries we serve through our solutions – Banking, Lending, Insurance, Investments, Trade & Commerce.

You don’t have to be concerned about your compliance obligations when using Surepass API. Contact our team right away.