If you’ve arrived at this page, you’re most likely a business looking to target your customers/audience through WhatsApp Broadcast Messages.

There are numerous free and paid tools available that claim to assist you in creating a WhatsApp broadcast list to send messages to customers in a single click. Still, the majority of them are not legitimate.

In this article. We will go over every aspect of WhatsApp Broadcast, and you’ll be able to figure out how to use WhatsApp Broadcast for your business.

There are several methods for starting a WhatsApp broadcast, but only one is the most effective for any business.

Let’s talk more about WhatsApp broadcasts in detail.

What is a WhatsApp Broadcast?

If you use WhatsApp for daily communication, you may have received messages such as “Send This Message To 10 More People and You’ll Get Good News By The Evening.” These are broadcast messages that have been sent to you via WhatsApp.

A broadcast is the simultaneous transmission of a signal or message from a single source to multiple destinations.

When a WhatsApp user sends a message to multiple recipients in one click, this is referred to as a WhatsApp broadcast message. No recipients will be able to see the other broadcast recipients.

You can start a WhatsApp broadcast by clicking the three dots on the upper right three-dots menu on the main ‘CHATS’ window, whether you’re using the WhatsApp messaging App or the WhatsApp Business App.

Creating a WhatsApp broadcast list on the WhatsApp Business App sends the desired messages to your audience. However, as the saying goes, “Great Power Comes With Some Sacrifices,” there are some limitations to this WhatsApp broadcast.

Limitations Of WhatsApp Broadcast using the WhatsApp Business App?

1. Consider a company that has your WhatsApp number and the numbers of thousands of people who are similar to you. Even if you haven’t added them, they’re regularly spamming your inbox with promotional messages identical to what you get on your SMS every day.

It doesn’t sound promising. Is that correct?

The WhatsApp Business App sends a broadcast message only to users who have saved their phone number as a contact. As a result, you cannot send any promotional messages via broadcast. Contacts who have added you to their phone’s address book will only receive your broadcast message.

2. You can create a WhatsApp Broadcast list with 256 contacts. As a business owner, you almost certainly have more connections than 256. As a result, broadcast lists on WhatsApp are ineffective for medium and large businesses.

3. Because there are no APIs or integrations available, businesses cannot automate themselves using their APIs and CRM.

WhatsApp Advantages Broadcasting with the WhatsApp Business App:

If you send a WhatsApp message using the WhatsApp App:

  • Each contact receives the message individually.
  • A WhatsApp broadcast list can contain up to 256 contacts.
  • Communication is done in private. The message will be delivered to each recipient as a regular chat.
  • The recipients are unaware that you sent the message via broadcast. The messages will not bear this label.
  • The recipient must have her phone number saved as a contact to receive the news.

Is WhatsApp Broadcasting via App sufficient for your business?

It all depends on the application. Allow me to explain.

If you are a local/small business doing well with WhatsApp Business App, you will most likely have 100-200 customers you know personally. They may have your WhatsApp Business number saved in their contacts.

In this case, you can use your WhatsApp business App to take advantage of WhatsApp Broadcast lists, as most of them are likely to receive the message you want to send.

If you own a well-established medium or large business with more than 200 customers, you may have concluded that WhatsApp Broadcast via the regular WhatsApp Business App is not for you.

So, what’s the answer?
In 2018, WhatsApp released the WhatsApp Business API. The goal is to assist SMBs in communicating with their customers via WhatsApp.

Businesses must verify themselves to activate their Business number for WhatsApp APIs. However, WhatsApp cannot verify every company on the planet.

To address this, WhatsApp made its WhatsApp APIs available to 35 third-party service providers known as WhatsApp Business Solution Partners (BSP).

These BSPs built their systems on the WhatsApp Business API to provide businesses with WhatsApp CRM, Contact Management, and much more.

Surepass will broadcast in WhatsApp to thousands of your customers using WhatsApp API-enabled business numbers. messages to a thousand of your customers simultaneously

To avoid spam, You must follow some rules and guidelines. They can be found here.

Clare’s Surepass (WhatsApp Team Inbox).

AI is a solution developed using WhatsApp Business APIs.

Surepass Has Two Key Features – WhatsApp Team Inbox:

1. Contact Administration (Broadcast, Custom Lists)

2. Chatbot for WhatsApp

3. Login for Multiple Customer Support Agents

4. Integration and APIs

5. WhatsApp Marketing & Promotional Messages

6.Templates for Interactive Messages

How Do I Send A Message On WhatsApp?

To send WhatsApp Broadcast Messages to your contacts, you must create a Surepass account.
Assuming you have Surepass access, let’s learn how to send a WhatsApp broadcast message:

Step 1: Go to the ‘Broadcasts’ tab on the Surepass Dashboard.

Step 2: Click the ‘New Broadcast’ button on the top-right side.

Step 3: Enter the broadcast name, select a template, and select a time to send the message. Select ‘Next.’

Step 4: Select from a list of your contacts or upload your contact list. Select ‘Add Broadcast’.

Step 5: Monitor the status and analytics of your WhatsApp broadcasts.

You can see how many people read your messages and how many responded to them. You can view all of their responses in the ‘Team Inbox.’

You can also use Excel and Google to send WhatsApp messages.

You can also send Bulk WhatsApp Messages using MS Excel.

Advantages of WhatsApp Broadcast With WhatsApp Business API on Surepass

  • You do not need to be concerned about the number being prohibited.
  • Reliable solution – automation is possible, and you can schedule messages.
  • Chatbots that respond automatically can be created.
  • Several Agents can log in and respond to customers.
  • You can link APIs to external systems to send transactional updates.

Disadvantages of obtaining Green Tick Verification

  • Business API approval is required.
  • WhatsApp must pre-approve templates – Promotional messages are not permitted.
  • Personal use is not permitted.
  • You can also use WhatsApp APIs to enable a WhatsApp Chatbot on your business number, which will help you automate your sales
    and customer support.

How do I get the WhatsApp Official API?

To apply for WhatsApp Official APIs, you must have the following information:

-Phone Number for WhatsApp (You should not have a WhatsApp account, this number is non-transferable)
-Follow these steps to delete the WhatsApp account associated with your phone number.
-Display Name for a Business (Should have a clear relationship with business)
-Please click here to learn more about the Display Name Guide.
-Facebook Business Manager ID has been verified (should be verified by uploading business documents)
-If you do not already have a Facebook Business, please set one up by clicking here.
-Please follow the Facebook Business Verification Process to verify your Facebook Business.

Once you have this information, you must submit it to a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) like Surepass. You can apply with Surepass by following this link.

About Surepass

Surepass is WhatsApp’s Official API Partner.

You can now create a WhatsApp Chatbot without coding using the Surepass Platform.

Using keywords, you can use the drag-and-drop chatbot builder or Surepass to create a chatbot. Visit the official Surepass website to learn more.

When you use Surepass for broadcast, you can create a list of 1000 people per day for your WhatsApp broadcast.

How does WhatsApp broadcast work?

WhatsApp broadcast sends messages to multiple contacts with a single click. Senders need to create a list of recipients and then pick the news to start a WhatsApp broadcast.

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