We generated a large number of leads by using the Surepass- WhatsApp Chatbot Approach. As a result, we have significantly increased the number of leads and improved the ROI of Facebook Ads.
Now we need to qualify these leads, and who better do that than a WhatsApp Chatbot? You can easily install Dialog Flow Chatbots using the Surepass Platform after getting the WhatsApp Business API approved for your brand/company.

Customers can get immediate answers to their questions thanks to WhatsApp Chatbots. They now have a personal assistant guiding them through everything they need to know. Lead qualification increases as the number of queries increases. Other things that the WhatsApp Chatbot and SurepassPlatform can do include:

  • They were solving every customer query immediately, rather than making them wait for an Agent to call them and explain.
  • Providing product/service details such as specifications, eligibility, requirements, return policy, and many more based on different use cases and domains.
  • We are sending the necessary Catalog File, Description File, Product Images, Product Videos, and all media files that WhatsApp supports.
  • Furthermore, using the Surepass Platform, you can send messages to thousands of users with a single click. Smart audiences can be created and segmented based on various attributes, tags, active status, previous campaigns, and so on.
  • The SurepassPlatform can also send regular payment receipts, contact form submission messages, premium reminders, and API campaign messages.

The Surepass Platform is your one-stop shop for WhatsApp Chatbot, CRM, and marketing solutions.
Once you have the WhatsApp Business API, you can automate your WhatsApp business. To apply, please visit this page.

Ways To Direct Customers On WhatsApp Chatbot

There are five ways to get your customers to dial your official WhatsApp Business API number and begin a conversation with your WhatsApp Chatbot.

Direct To WhatsApp Ads

This is the channel through which most of your customers will arrive at your WhatsApp Chatbot. Direct to WhatsApp Ads are available in Facebook Ads and other social media Ads. By selecting this option, you can configure the pre-filled first message that the customer will send to the WhatsApp Chatbot. This pre-populated first message is configured based on various pages so you can tag customers appropriately in the Surepass Platform.

Once the users have been tagged, marketers can use the SurepassPlatform to send highly targeted and personalized campaigns to a subset of users based on their tags. For example, if a customer comes to your WhatsApp Chat Bot looking for Email Marketing, a tag for “email marketing” will automatically be assigned to the user. He is now more likely to choose other marketing services such as SMS Marketing, Content Marketing, etc. As a result, marketers can tag SMS and Content Marketing campaigns with “email marketing.” Furthermore, these campaigns can be Dynamic!

Through SMS Campaigns

SMS campaigns may not have effectively converted customers to your marketing campaign, but you can use them to get customers on WhatsApp. You can send a dedicated SMS campaign urging users to connect with the company’s Official WhatsApp account to collect all old and newly generated leads on the WhatsApp Business API number. Then, when a user clicks on the WhatsApp link, they are taken to their WhatsApp apps and given a pre-filled message to send to the company’s official WhatsApp Business API number.

This way, you can initiate contact with old leads who have been sitting in your CRM for a long time and doing nothing. Not only can the conversation persuade them to buy a product or service. Furthermore, Surepass allows you to assign a ‘First Message Tag’ based on the user’s first message, which is formatted differently for different products and services. This enables the company to segment the audience based on their interests from the start of the conversation.

Through Email Campaigns

Running an Email Campaign, similar to SMS campaigns, is one of the ways to get old leads and newly generated leads through contact forms to engage in a conversation with the official WhatsApp account. SMS and email campaigns are the traditional methods of bringing customers to WhatsApp, where the WhatsApp chatbot now qualifies leads. Every business should use these two marketing strategies.

You can write the email copy yourself, but Reference Content Writers can help make it more convincing and reader-friendly.
Aside from sending a WhatsApp link to users, you can send a QR code in the mail to accomplish the same. They only need to scan the QR code to be directed to their WhatsApp apps with a pre-filled message.

Placing a WhatsApp Button on the Website

You can place a WhatsApp Button with a pop-up caption in the website’s footer to invite users to chat. After clicking the button, you may direct them to send the message to the Company’s WhatsApp account. The strategy for getting the most clicks on the button is to have unique pop-up captions based on the page the user is visiting. For instance, suppose a user is on the Skin Care Products page. “Would you mind if I helped you find the right Skin Care Cream for you?” could be the caption.

These personalized and one-of-a-kind pop-up captions will only be useful if we can map users based on their interests for future WhatsApp campaigns. This is perfectly possible in the SurepassPlatform. Surepass provides the benefit of automatically assigning a First Message Tag. You can now segment your audience based on which page they arrived at on WhatsApp and run targeted campaigns accordingly.

Display WhatsApp Number

This method is best suited for businesses that run offline advertisements such as TV ads, billboard ads, print media, flyers, etc. The company can include the WhatsApp Business API number in the Ad graphic or ask users to message this number on WhatsApp, where the WhatsApp chatbot will greet and convert them.

There will be no competition for WhatsApp Marketing in 2021 and subsequent years. Therefore, every digital marketing strategy must include a significant role for WhatsApp to achieve incredible results. In addition, WhatsApp has high conversion rates to improve marketing ROI because it is the closest channel to the audience.